By Sonja Coetzer & Prof Anicia Peters “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”  Arthur C. Clarke. On Friday,
By Sonja CoetzerOne complete revolution of the tiny blue marble around the sun later, and the new normal settled as
By Sonja Coetzer Industrial revolutions and pandemics can lead to industry disruptions, paralysed business, economic busts and bankruptcies. What it
Host Business Apps on Virtual Machines… watsegoed?By Sodi U McHlorideOh, yes. Tech companies are gifted at creating cool-sounding, confusing terminology,
Digital Security: Smelly phish and other online goggas By Sodi U McHloride “They” are out to get you. Seriously. Between
Do you have Video Call Fatigue?Microsoft Teams has a way to make your meeting experiences better: Introducing Together Mode!This is
Free Trial - Create a Phishing Attack Simulation. If you wish to test out this feature within the Microsoft suite
The countdown has begun, 48 hours of continuous content and live Q&A - ALL FREE. Microsoft Ignite is coming directly
Beaulah Keis, Peter-George Mannel, Peter Müller, Selma Uushini (Salt Essential IT) and Gina Alves (Microsoft) Windhoek, Namibia — July 13,
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