It is possible to transform all your traditional business processes into digital ones, thereby not only reducing your carbon footprint but saving you a fortune by allowing machines to do the costly. manual heavy lifting. From leave processes to online buying, automated provisioning of services to chat bots replacing the receptionist, allowing her/him to focus on more complex tasks requiring human decision-making. The scope of what can be automated and transformed, is near-limitless.

We can help you understand how machine learning and artificial intelligence can be used in your business to increase your profitability by reducing costs, deepening customer engagements, and increasing sales and marketing efforts without people getting bogged down in repetitive tasks. This frees up humans to concentrate on customer-centric activities.


Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Salt Essential IT is one of Africa’s most awarded Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution providers, enabling and supporting clients ranging from small and medium to enterprise.
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