20 September 2021

Healthy Office Relationships

When I talk about office relationships, I am not talking about much gossiped romantic affairs, I am talking about the bond and relationships we have with our colleagues. I recently read a short article and a blunt statement hit me like ice water in the face. “I am here to work, not to make friends.”

Although in its essence, this statement rings true, we do spend 9 of our waking hours, if not more, with our colleagues and healthy relationships are important. While my door is always open (unless it's closed), I try to build and maintain good relationships with each of the Salties. The challenge is to find the time – the ever-eluding time.

It is recommended that a team leader or manager should spend at least 15 minutes in a One-on-One with each team member per week, a team of 10 makes these 150 minutes per week, or if you so wish 2.5 hours per week. The average 5-day workweek is 40 hours. Making time takes a conscious effort to take time.

During periods of disruption, managers play a critical role in helping employees navigate change and preserving their sense of belonging. One-on-One sessions enable managers to focus on individual team members, whether it is a casual ‘how are you’ chat or coaching or empowering the individual. These undivided attention conversations help develop strong bonds, which in turn are crucial to healthy work environments and, in the long run, optimum productivity.

Microsoft VIVA Insights reports on your team engagement and is a conscious reminder to make time for your team.

It also recommends actions and offers best practices.

I care about the Salt family, and I am grateful that I have tools to help me be a better leader.

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