16 September 2021

Unhealthy Work Behaviour and Potential Burnout

With high unemployment and workforce redundancies as a scary reality, many employees have developed unhealthy work behaviour which can and will, lead to burnouts.

According to an article in 2014 by Rosa Suñer-Soler, burnout affects health, leading to physical and psychosomatic problems. The consequences, from an employer’s perspective, include job dissatisfaction, poorer quality of care, professional mistakes, absenteeism, intention to give up the profession, and abandonment.

Understanding the daily work trends of our teams is critical for us to help plan workloads, downtimes even much-needed coaching.

Well-balanced, healthy, positive employees contribute to more than just the bottom-line, they contribute to the wellbeing of the company through job satisfaction and good mental health. Mental health has been highlighted continuously over the past year and a half; however, leadership teams are struggling to understand and improve working conditions to support this. Awareness campaigns are simply not enough, action needs to be taken.

With Microsoft VIVA Insights the Salt management team have a clear view of the Salt team’s working habit without invading their privacy. We can then create a short survey with Microsoft Forms to better understand which employees are most impacted and why. Allowing the management team and myself to put the balance back into work and life.

Yes, employees have contracts with key performance indicators, however, that contract goes both ways and should be honoured by all parties involved.

Understanding your teams’ workloads and undue pressure allow employers to improve on working conditions and contribute towards mental health.

I personally love the insights from Microsoft VIVA and how it enables and empowers me to bring about change for Salties.

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