29 July 2022

Salt and MICT: public cybersecurity awareness partnership

Salt Essential IT partners with the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology in creating awareness of cybersecurity.

On Thursday, 21st of July 2022, at the Theo Ben Gurirab Building in Windhoek Namibia, a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two parties to collaboratively undertake a joint National Cybersecurity Strategy and Awareness Campaign to attain the goals and objectives of the National Cybersecurity Strategy and Awareness Creation Plan. This is done with the view to influence the adoption of safer online behaviour and instil a culture of cyber-hygiene in citizens with the aim to avert the incidence of cybercrime in the Republic of Namibia.

Mr Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, Executive Director of the Ministry of ICT themed the milestone event in Maroon, a colour that represents depth, passion, and thoughtfulness. The colour Blue represents sensitivity, imagination, inspiration, and the colour Black which represents mystery, power, and sophistication. This initiative, he stated, is crucial because dealing with cybersecurity requires passion, sensitivity for dealing with the nation's sensitive information, and sophistication for dealing with a sophisticated adversary. The Executive Director concluded by commending Salt Essential IT - "a Namibian child” for partnering with the government “to catch this invisible bull by the horns".

From Left back row: Salt's Operations Manager Mr Arno Delport, Mr Fillemon Johannes – Deputy Director – ITID: MICT
Front row Ms Paulina Magongo, Mrs Sonja Coetzer Managing Director of Salt, MICT Hon Executive Director Mbeuta Ua-Ndjarakana, Ms Linda N. Aipinge – Director for ICT Development: MICT, Mr Mberii Kapuku – Deputy Director - Security and Risk Management: MICT and Ms Eva-Liisa Kafita

Ms Sonja Coetzer, Managing Director of Salt Essential IT concluded by saying “The world needs more initiatives between government and the private sector to drive 4IR and 5IR opportunities to challenge, empower and impact the citizens of the world. Cybersecurity plays a major role in technology advances to create job security, economic development, and growth”. She thanked the Ministry for the opportunity to be part of this cybersecurity strategy and awareness campaign.

The Salties will be hosting cybersecurity awareness sessions for the public which will expose Namibians to the types of cybercrimes and how to protect themselves from them.  The training sessions will also be made available on the Ministry’s public forums, there will be no cost or fee for attending these sessions. For more information, please contact Grace Katjivena at grace.katjivena@salt.na or 0614339900.

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By Grace Katjivena



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