Anja Farmer

Commercial Expansion Administrator
Personal motto : We may encounter many defeats but we must not be defeated.

Why I love it at Salt : From the very first moment, Salt offered me the chance to learn something new every day, to strengthen skills I already had, and to find peace of mind in a consistent workflow.
What I love best about my job -I love that I’m encouraged to try new things out and be innovative.

Anri Minnie

Empowerment Project Administrator
Personal Motto- If you do what you love, you will not work a day in your life.

Why I love it at Salt: Salt Essential IT embodies growth, empowerment and making an impact on the technology world.

What I love best about my job- Facing challenges (and overcoming them), meeting new people every day, and to be able to share my knowledge and expertise.

Arno Delport

Operations Manager
Part of the dynamic management team responsible for Salt’s award-winning services, including three Diamond Arrow PMR Awards for Data Centre’s, ICT Consulting and Cloud Services for two years consecutively.

Why I love it at Salt: The exposure.

What I love best about my job: The industry is very dynamic and changes every day, therefore many opportunities are created.

Beaulah Isaacks

Commercial Expansion Supervisor
Bid Manager, Software Specialist, and general support to the whole team.

Why I love it at Salt: We work hard and play hard.

What I love best about my job: Interaction and commitment and a Yes-we-can-do-it attitude.I enjoy transforming people's lives. also in the appropriate viewpoint.

Benice Uaaka

Wealth and Talent Management Officer
Personal Motto: Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack.

Why I love it at Salt: Company culture, goal-orientated leadership, room to grow.

What I love best about my job: 
I can use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself.

Cathleen Kachilulwa

Customer Success Specialist
Personal Motto: A life spent helping others is a life filled with purpose.

Why I love it at Salt: We live for a challenge and make a positive impact.

What I love best about my job: I am the gateway of the company, every time an opportunity arises to bring a little sunshine into someone's day, I grab it with both hands and make it happen.

Christopher Swart

Commercial Expansion Manager
Personal Motto: Live life on the F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) philosophy.

Why I love it at Salt: We truly make a positive impact in the IT sphere and in each other’s lives and we definitely NEVER back down from a challenge.
What I love best about my job: I am not micromanaged in doing my job.. My entire team is open to sharing their knowledge, thus equipping me to flourish in my job.

Erkki Shaduka

Graphic Designer
Personal Motto: Embrace the journey, conquer the challenges.

Why I love it at Salt: The collaborative atmosphere sparks endless inspiration, pushing boundaries in design. The supportive team fosters growth, making each project a fulfilling journey. Salt feels like home for unleashing my artistic passion.

What I love best about my job: I love my graphic design job because it allows me to unleash creativity daily.

Finnety Isaac

Hybrid Cloud Administrator
Technology Center

Personal Motto: Why stop now!

Why I love it at Salt: Salt has offered me an opportunity that aligns with my future plans and growth, and the people have a family vibe.

What I love best about my job: Love  the fast-paced nature of my job, I am consistently engaged and stimulated.

Frans Herle

Senior Network Specialist
Infrastructure Services

Personal Motto: The mind is never exhausted by learning.

Why I love it at Salt: Growth

What I love best about my job: I love that I get to plan,design, implement and structure the network infrastructure for the business, dealing with complex support issues. Being a part of a driven motivated,multi-skilled team.

Frans Kambo

Wealth & Talent Management:
Accounts Receivable
Personal Motto: Be driven by innovation.

Why I love it at Salt: Being part of a driven team which strive to be of major contribution towards innovation and ultimate growth of small and larger organizations on a national scale.

What I love best about my job: As an aspiring Accountant, my job exposes me to different people and organizations with unique characters and personalities.

George Groenewald

Sharepoint Custodian
Personal Motto: Being great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great.

Why I love it at Salt: Flexibility, work-life balance, company culture, great expectations, goal orientated leadership, quality benefits, room to grow, happiness.
What I love best about my job: There's proper procedures. My input matters and usually is also appreciated/ recognised and valued. This motivates each employee to do more.

Grace Katjivena

Empowerment Specialist Support
Personal Motto: Work for a cause not for applause.

Why I love it at Salt: Salt is a place of work that values and actively solicits your suggestions and opinions.

What I love best about my job: Telling a story to the audience and creating a positive narrative for the industry I am in. Also understanding people's behaviours and attitudes towards the ICT industry. And inspiring a transformational change thereof.

Ivan Musuuo

Field Support Engineer
Technology Center 

Personal Motto: A Pinch of SALT can make Technology Explode!

Why I love it at Salt:The knowledge transfer and teamwork that motivates me to do more.

What I love best about my job:
The opportunity to tackle difficult problems and discover new solutions. 

It fosters a growth mindset, encouraging me to learn more. 

Jaylee Venter

Customer Technical Liaison
Coder, Developer, Automater, Bot maker

Personal Motto: Life is what you make of it.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt embodies its values Enable & Empower, Live for the Challenge and Make an Impact.

What I love best about my job: Driving innovation and elevating business efficiency by actively engaging in the development, as well as seamless integration, of a diverse array of Microsoft offerings.

Johan Meyer

Cloud Systems Administrator
Personal Motto: motto: “Genius is one percent inspiration, ninety-nine percent perspiration” – Thomas Edison

Why I love it at Salt: I just started working here and I'm excited about what I can learn from the exposure I get by being here.
What I love best about my job:
Everyday brings new challenges and opportunities, thus allowing one to constantly grow and aspire to new heightss.

Johann van Rooyen

SOC and SEIM Manager
Personal Motto: motto: If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the goal.

Why I love it at Salt:
Welcoming and fun.

What I love best about my job:
The dynamic nature of my role, the opportunity to make a meaningful impact on security posture, and the continuous learning and collaboration within the cybersecurity field.

Lindsay Rickerts

Wealth & Talent Management: Accounts Payable
Personal Motto: motto: Be kind whenever possible because no act of kindness no matter how small is ever wasted.

Why I love it at Salt:
Because it's a place where innovation and collaboration thrive.

What I love best about my job:
My days are consistently fascinating and full of unpredictability.

Maggi DeWaal

Customer Success Manager
Personal Motto: Strive to be of value.

Why I love it at Salt:Work-life balance.
What I love best about my job: When our customers are happy, we're happy too.The customer-centric focus not only instills a sense of purpose in my work but also reinforces the idea that our success is intricately tied to the satisfaction and success of those we serve.

Maria Matheus

Our Office Manager
Helping the Salties not to sweat the small stuff.

Personal Motto: Just Smile.

Why I love it at Salt:
The genuine respect and recognition extended to every role within the organization.

What I love best about my job:
Nothing is more rewarding than seeing all your hard work and witnessing the joy on the Salties faces as they enter their clean, well-kept environment.

Mary Hochobes

Front Desk and Office Administrator
Personal Motto: If you cannot do Great things, then do small things in a Great way.

Why I love it at Salt: I am absolutely infatuated by the culture here. There is a great sense of teamwork with endless possibilities!! I felt right at home from the very first moment.

What I love best about my job: I love my job best because I get to engage with people from different works of life on a daily and I am the unifying link across the whole business.

Michaela Filipovic

Billing Administrator
Personal Motto: Change is the only constant.

Why I love it at Salt:
I love the corporate culture here. There is so much unity and diversity.

What I love best about my job:The constant opportunity for personal and professional growth. Each day presents a chance to learn something new, ensuring that monotony never sets in. The diversity of tasks and challenges keeps my role dynamic and engaging, making everyday exciting.

Nikanor Kakunde

Junior Technical Engineer
Personal Motto: Empowering to inspire.

Why I love it at Salt: Inspiring environment, and continuous growth.

What I love best about my job: The opportunity to solve complex problems and find innovative solutions. Everyday presents a new challenge, allowing me to constantly learn and grow in my field. The satisfaction of successfully implementing technological solutions and seeing the positive impact it has on businesses and individuals is truly rewarding.

Peter-George Mannel

Cloud Systems Administrator
Security and Compliance and all round M365 Boffin

Personal Motto: Be a better person than yesterday and treating others as I would like to be treated.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt is forward-thinking.Salt takes pride in the service that it renders and that makes us different from any other providers.

What I love best about my job: Regularly given the chance to digitally transform businesses helping them to work smarter, better and from anywhere, particularly in Microsoft Cloud.

Presley van Neel

Technology Center Manager
Personal Motto: There is always a reward for hardwork, Hardwork always trumps talent everyday when talent does not work hard.

Why I love it at Salt: The Culture can not be matched anywhere I have been before, it is an inclusive culture. Very welcoming team members and it feels like they are a family here.

What I love best about my job: I get to make a real difference in the lives of our customers as well as to help shape the customer experience.

Rakkel Iithete

Microsoft Commercial Executive
Personal Motto: Be You! You are enough.

Why I love it at Salt: I felt at home from day one, work-life balance, Company culture is amazing, brilliant Team of Leaders.

What I love best about my job:listening to our customers' needs and playing a pivotal role in enabling and empowering them. It goes beyond just meeting their expectations; it's about revolutionizing their experiences for the better. By attentively understanding their requirements, I can contribute to creating solutions that truly make a positive impact.

Sonja Coetzer

Managing Director
Innovative leader spearheading digital transformation in Namibian business economy while empowering her team.

Personal Motto: Live life truly.
Why I love it at Salt: There is no place like Salt where brilliance is an everyday occurrence.

What I love best about my job: Witnessing the diverse talents and perspectives coming together to tackle challenges and drive the company's vision forward is truly fulfilling.

Stefanie Cornelius

Operations Administrator
Personal Motto: Do good, and good will come back to you.

Why I love it at Salt: Great company culture, forward thinking and innovative team with high level of expertise, which I can learn a lot from,endless opportunity for growth.

What I love best about my job: The exposure and diverse growth that comes with it, gaining new experiences and building new relationships, improving my depth of knowledge and being able to share my knowledge as well.

Stefanus Reitz

Wealth and Talent Management Manager
Personal motto: Hard work and consistency in performance always rewards!

Why I love it at Salt: Forward looking team who is focused on enabling Namibian businesses towards digital competitiveness and relevance.

What I love best about my job: Opportunity to interact and learn from a diverse group of people and challenging yet rewarding work environment.

Vanessa Maresch

Empowerment Specialist
Personal Motto: Inspire and Empower

Why I love it at Salt: Salt's values mirror my own so what I get to do what I believe in.

Why I love it at Salt: Freedom, allowing for more innovation.What I love best about my job: Making an impact, changing the way people work for the better.I love digitally transforming teams and individuals in Namibia and beyond.

Victoria Igulu

Wealth & Talent Management: Accounts Receivable
Personal Motto: You can do it if you try. Never stop trying.

Why I love it at Salt: Because I am empowered to become a better version of myself, and it is a great company. Learning new roles everyday.

What I love best about my job: Finding delight in the precision and accuracy required in financial tasks adds a fulfilling dimension to my role.It's the perfect blend of challenge and accomplishment that makes these moments rewarding.

Walter Ihms

Commercial Expansion Executive - Infrastructure & Services
Personal Motto: You are different. And that’s your power.

Why I love it at Salt: Every day, I'm inspired by the passion and expertise of my colleagues and the meaningful impact we create together.

What I love best about my job: It's not just a job; it's a journey of growth, impact, and fulfillment that keeps me excited and motivated.



Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Salt Essential IT is one of Africa’s most awarded Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution providers, enabling and supporting clients ranging from small and medium to enterprise.
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