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Sonja Coetzer

Managing Director
Visionary leader driving change in the Namibian business economy by empowering her team of highly specialised and experienced technology activists.

Personal Motto: Live life truly.
Why I love it at Salt: There is no place like Salt where brilliance is an everyday occurrence.
What I love best about my job: Being able to work with amazing people with brilliant minds.

Arno Delport

Technology Center Manager
Part of the dynamic management team responsible for Salt’s award-winning services, including three Diamond Arrow PMR Awards for Data Centre’s, ICT Consulting and Cloud Services for two years consecutively.

Why I love it at Salt: Salt is dynamic, customer solution builder, people-orientated & fast-paced company!
What I love best about my job: The industry is very dynamic and changes every day. I meet new people daily and keeps me on my toes!

Rozan Botha

Wealth and Talent Management Manager
Makes sure our Beans are Magic.

Personal Motto: Be kind always.
Why I love it at Salt: Love my job and the people I work with. The culture is also healthy.
What I love best about my job: I love balancing the books, choosing the best option, and sharing what I've learned with the rest of the team.

Maggi de Waal

Customer Success Manager
Revolutionises customer relations with deeply connected relationships.

Personal Motto: Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt has a positive working environment. The company takes care of employees’ work-life balance and they also help you in your personal growth.
What I love best about my job: When our customers are happy, we're happy too. I love being able to focus on making the life of a customer easier, better or more productive.

Vanessa Maresch

Commercial Expansion Manager
Personally responsible for the digital transformation of tens of thousands of individual computer users in Namibia and beyond.

Personal Motto: Inspire.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt's values mirror my own so what I get to do what I believe in.

What I love best about my job: Making an impact, changing the way people work for the better.

Alex Pfeiffer

Commercial Expansion Representative
Hardware expert, bulldog when it comes to delivering to customer expectations.

Beaulah Keis

Commercial Expansion Representative
Bid Manager, Software Specialist, and general support to the whole team.

Why I love it at Salt: We are awesome.
What I love best about my job: Interaction and commitment and a Yes-we-can-do-it attitude.

Christopher Swart

Commercial Expansion Account Manager
Personal Motto: Live life on the F.E.A.R. (Face Everything And Rise) philosophy.
Why I love it at Salt: We are unique in our own ways, but when we come together as a team, we enable and empower each other. We truly make a positive impact in the IT sphere and in each other’s lives and we definitely NEVER back down from a challenge.
What I love best about my job: I am not micromanaged in doing my job. My supervisor gives me carte blanche on performing my tasks. My entire team is open to sharing their knowledge, thus equipping me to flourish in my job.

Cathleen Kachilulwa

Personal Motto: A life spent helping others is a life filled with purpose.
Why I love it at Salt: We live for a challenge and make a positive impact.
What I love best about my job: I am the touchpoint, the gateway of the company, every time an opportunity arises to bring a little sunshine into someone's day, I grab it with both hands and make it happen.

Benice Uaaka

Finance Officer
Personal Motto: Throw me to the wolves, and I’ll return leading the pack.
Why I love it at Salt: Company culture, goal-orientated leadership, room to grow. Great people attract great people.
What I love best about my job: I can use my skills and knowledge as well as push myself in areas that I am unsure of myself. Every day, I get to do something I love and make an impact on people's lives.

Victoria Igulu

Wealth & Talent Management: Accounts Payable
Personal Motto: You can do it if you try.
Why I love it at Salt: Because I am empowered to become a better version of myself, and it is a flexible company.
What I love best about my job: When things balance (in the accounts)

George Groenewald

Supervisor: # GForce, Helpdesk and Ticket Manager

Personal Motto: Being successful doesn’t necessarily make you great. What makes you great is when you reach back and help somebody else become great.
Why I love it at Salt: Flexibility, work-life balance, company culture, great expectations, goal orientated leadership, quality benefits, room to grow, happiness.
What I love best about my job: Room to grow, great teams in Salt, proper procedures, my input matters, sharing and caring - appreciation and rewards, good work always being recognised.

Jaylee Venter

Customer Technical Liaison
Coder, Developer, Automater, Bot maker

Personal Motto: Life is what you make of it.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt embodies its values Enable & Empower, Live for the Challenge and Make an Impact fully between staff and clients.
What I love best about my job: The challenge to innovate and improve business by development and integration of several Microsoft offerings.

Selma Uushini

Service Desk Engineer
Field Engineer – Focus on Collaboration Tools and Security – excellent customer service agent.

Personal Motto: You’re never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream.
Why I love it at Salt: I love working for Salt because it’s a friendly working environment, Every Saltie is a family. They have empathy for others and great teamwork.
What I love best about my job: Teamwork, I have a strong team that I can always rely on. Knowledge sharing, we always learn from one another and a good knowledge sharing from the seniors.

Grace Katjivena

Service Desk Engineer
Field Engineer – Focus on Collaboration and Business Applications and Tools and Training – fantastic customer service agent

Personal Motto: Do all that you do with good intent.
Why I love it at Salt: The room for growth and educational programs.
What I love best about my job: Meeting new people, fixing and helping them with their problems.

Oswald Linyando

Junior Systems Admin
Frans se êppie – Focus on Networking, Security, Servers, System Administration – upcoming Azure Architect

Personal Motto: Every day is a second chance.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt is more of a home than a workplace, everyone is treated equally and with respect. I feel at home, and there is no other place I rather be than home.
What I love best about my job: It is always challenging me to come up with creative way to solve problems.

Peter-George Mannel

Cloud System Administrator
Cloud Architect - Security and Compliance and all round M365 Boffin

Personal Motto: Be a better person than yesterday and treating others as I would like to be treated.
Why I love it at Salt: Salt is forward-thinking and willing to assist customers. Salt treats Customers as individuals and takes pride in the service that is rendered and that makes us different from any other providers. Salt is also a dynamic company, in that co-workers can manage their products and adapt and be a part of the different scopes/roles.

What I love best about my job: I am regularly given the chance to assist Customers in digitally transforming, which can assist them to work smarter, better and from anywhere, particularly in Microsoft Cloud. I also get the chance to learn more and improve my skill, knowledge and self.


Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Salt Essential IT is one of Africa’s most awarded Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution providers, enabling and supporting clients ranging from small and medium to enterprise.
BRB Building, c/o AB May and Garten Sts, Windhoek, NAMIBIA
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