31 August 2022


Salt is holding hands with the Ministry of ICT to create awareness of cybercrime for all Namibians.

While we are used to Everything-as-a-service these days, it was scary for me to learn about Ransomware-as-a-Service (RaaS.)  

An entire economy has been created by RaaS. The attackers are not sophisticated but they have access to super smart tools, and they are becoming very successful because they have power in numbers.  

I found this e-book very useful in learning more about this topic. If you don’t like reading, watch this video to learn more. 

Salt is always looking for ways to protect your assets, from your user identities to your data. We are offering *a free trial of an attack simulation to test your employees resilience against these types of attacks.  

*Requires a Business or Enterprise Office or Microsoft 365 account with at least Exchange Online. 

#DoItTheSaltWay #5IR #TechRev #OnsGeeOm #Saltoftheearthpeople

By Vanessa Maresch



Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Salt Essential IT is one of Africa’s most awarded Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution providers, enabling and supporting clients ranging from small and medium to enterprise.
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