The Namibian Data Protection Act is a comprehensive piece of legislation that aims to regulate the processing of information relating to individuals, in order to protect their fundamental rights and freedoms, particularly their right to privacy. The Act establishes obligations for data controllers and processors, as well as rights for individuals about whom information is processed.

Salt Essential IT, as a leading provider of ICT Business Consulting services, is well-positioned to help Namibian businesses be ready for the Namibian Data Protection Act. Our services include IT Strategy Consulting, IT Organisation Consulting, IT Infrastructure Planning, Architecture, Design, Implementation and Project Management services. We also offer professional consulting services in all ICT related areas, including process management and optimization, business continuity management, policy development, and advising in regulatory issues.

Our team of experts can help businesses understand their obligations under the Act and implement the necessary measures to ensure compliance. For example, our IT Infrastructure Planning, Architecture, Design, and Implementation services can help organizations comply with the security of processing requirements outlined in Section 31 of the Act. Our Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery services can help organizations comply with the personal data breach notification requirements outlined in Section 35 of the Act. Our IT Strategy Consulting and IT Organization Consulting can help organizations comply with the accountability requirements outlined in Section 32 of the Act.

In addition, Salt Essential IT offers Business Hosting as a Service, which includes secure environment for hosting critical applications and services, business continuity solutions designed to minimize disruptions during unforeseen events, disaster recovery plans to swiftly restore services, and regular data backups to safeguard valuable information.

In conclusion, Salt Essential IT is committed to helping Namibian businesses be ready for the Namibian Data Protection Act. Our range of services and expertise can help businesses understand and comply with their obligations under the Act, ensuring the protection of individuals' fundamental rights and freedoms.

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Vanessa Maresch - Empowerment Specialist



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