I am jokingly called the Queen of Adobe at Salt. A title earned after years of experience and with the help of the Salt Army.

Just when I thought Adobe Sign was impressive, I fell head over heels for Acrobat Pro.   As a salesperson documentation took up a major part of my working day. I am saving so much time using this fantastic tool. I simply can’t choose which feature made my life the easiest, however creating PDF’s was not one of them.

With Acrobat Pro you find great features such as: combine files, organize pages, edit and export PDF’s (which allows one to export documents from that PDF to PowerPoint, Excel, and / or Word) . The cherry on the cake for me was the OCR (Optical Character Recognition) which gives one the ability to copy and paste a hundred pages into a Word document, and it takes less than 5 minutes to do. Tenders and RFQ’s are done in half the time! Give it a try with our free 45 day trial. If you first want to see Acrobat Pro in action, have a look at our BrainFrame Thursday.  

By Beaulah Keis



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