In my recent round table chats with my peers, the dialogue was focused on the importance of having the right type of conversations that drive solutions that could get the world back on it's feet.  

Looking at it through the rose tinted goggles of the media citizens of the world are held prisoner by who they have become. Can this be labeled as an infernal meltdown? 

"Free speech without consequences, rights for all and to hell with the law". These are one of the many cringe-worthy statements people utter, yet expect to be respected for the professionals they regard themselves as. 

Humanity is held hostage by captors created by themselves.  Reality TV, influencers, fake news, propaganda, disrespect or rather disdain for opinions and views that does not align with their own, because suddenly everyone is a specialist on every topic out there. 

We are still fighting for equality in the workplace, equality in society, equality over everything. We are so absorbed by this, that we neglect the individual's value and contribution. It all seems as if the emphasis on equality has devalued the concept.  

It is time to break the chains - to stand-up and to claim our seat at the table - to be the difference we want for ourselves and especially for the generation after us.  We need to recalibrate, we need to address the true challenges of our times.  

It is time for us to claim our seat at the table! To discuss solutions that will impact and change our nations and the world at large. It is much more fruitful to put our differences aside, acknowledge and respect each other. We should rise up as one!  Let's be at the forefront of creating tangible solutions available to us for our education, health and distributed wealth. We need to talk about technology and what it can do, to change all lives, now and tomorrow.  

There is a dire need for the government and it's citizens to discuss how to prosper in coming together, collaborating and optimizing to deliver a better future. 

#DoItTheSaltWay #5IR #TechRev #OnsGeeOm #ThisIsHowWeRoll #TechnologyRevolutionist #Romanity 

By Sonja Coetzer



Based in Windhoek, Namibia, Salt Essential IT is one of Africa’s most awarded Microsoft Direct Cloud Solution providers, enabling and supporting clients ranging from small and medium to enterprise.
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