Since Salt's inception, 25 years ago, we have always been involved in our community by contributing in various ways, to make Namibia a better place to thrive. Namibia needs all of us to play a part in helping each other to build The House so that we can give hope to those in need and create a better future for all Namibians.

In 2022, as part of our branded corporate wear, we decided to incorporate socks. At about the same time we became aware of Project Never Walk Alone. It touched our hearts and we decided to sell some of our socks to raise money for this cause. The Never Walk Alone project focuses on disadvantaged Namibian children, starting with one of the basics we take for granted, proper school shoes.

The Salties are very proud that we raised N$5,612.71, and all the sales proceeds were donated to the Never Walk Alone initiative.

We want to thank each and every one that bought a pair of socks from Salt.

We still have some socks, if you are interested to know more visit the Rock your Socks On page on our website.

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Vanessa Maresch - Empowerment Specialist

We're not a boastful bunch in general, but hey! Every so often a Saltie does something worthy of a big, public hoorah!

Yes, our very own Sonja Coetzer is speaking this weekend at the TEDxVinetaWomen event in Swakop. TEDxWomen events are about new ideas, new voices, and pushing boundaries. The theme of this event is Breaking the Bias.

This gathering will elevate the ideas of women connecting across generations to break the bias; inspire, ignite and uplift spirits. Sharing personal stories, stimulating conversations, and reigniting spirits with connections are always the hallmark of the TEDxWomen experience.

We know that being invited to speak at a TEDx event has been on Sonja's bucket list for a very long time, and we are super stoked with her, and incredibly proud to have her as our MD (Mother Dame) ;).

The title of Sonja's presentation is "Claim your seat at the table".

The event is this Saturday, 5 November, at the Swakopmund Plaza Hotel, 42 Libertina Amadthila Ave and it starts at 18:00.

It's a public event and limited tickets are available at

Sonja, you go girl! Break a leg. Let us celebrate our differences and embrace our diversity and the contrasting beauty of Namibia. Together we can #breakthebias

From all of us at Salt <3



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