A Microsoft exam might be daunting to study for and my fear of failure or constant anxieties don't help at all.

My first attempt for the AZ104 exam was on the 15th December 2022 and, boy, was I scared! I remember having breakfast and feeling like I forgot everything I studied. Well! After writing that day I scored 610/700, I was devastated . However, I had the best team ever who supported and motivated me to try again.

On my second try, I was wiser and made sure to prepare myself well. I am no expert but before I went for my second attempt, I followed these tips and would advice anyone to follow them:

  • Take enough time off from work to study.
  • To fully grasp the course's concept, first read through the Microsoft lean documentation.
  • Then go through the exam LinkedIn training videos ( they really work for me)
  • Go through Microsoft readiness videos with tips to focus on the exam.
  • Go through the dump question on exam topics.
  • Next look up VCEUP pdf questions.
  • Practice on the LABS to get a feel for how things work in real life.

I felt so ready, and I was confident in myself, the morning of the exam I was not even nervous because I was well prepared. I went back for my 2nd attempt on 24th January 2023, and I PASSED I got 710/700. Glad I pushed myself to nail this exam. It was an awesome experience!

I'm wishing you well on your upcoming examinations and BAG that certificate.

#futurefit #dedication

Selma Uushini - Service Desk Engineer



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