30 April 2024

The Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition: A Showcase of Namibian Innovation

What is the Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition?

The Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition is a national pitch event that aims to identify and support the most promising Namibian start-ups in the innovative and high-tech driven industry. The competition is organized by the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board (NIPDB), is mandated to promote and facilitate investment by foreign and Namibian investors, and coordinate MSME activities across all levers of the economy, to contribute to economic development and job creation. The competition is part of the NIPDB's efforts to foster a vibrant and dynamic entrepreneurial ecosystem in the country, and to showcase the potential of Namibian innovation to the world.

What happened at the event?

The event took place on the 23rd of April 2024 in Windhoek, the capital city of Namibia. It brought together corporate leaders, policymakers, entrepreneurs, regional and international investors, academics, and experts to exchange the latest insights, strategies, and knowledge in the innovative and high-tech driven industry. The event featured keynote speeches, networking sessions, and of course, the pitch competition.

The pitch competition was the highlight of the event, as it showcased the best of Namibian innovation. Nine start-ups were selected to pitch their solutions to a panel of judges, who evaluated them based on their sustainability, market potential, scalability, investment potential , team, and overall pitch delivery.

The competition was really tough and there were brilliant pitches for solutions that address the challenges of today and tomorrow. After a rigorous deliberation, the panel of judges selected the Namibian start-up that will move on to pitch on an international stage at the AIM Congress in Abu Dhabi on 09 May 2024. The winner was H & L Pulsar, with their smart metering solution that impressed the judges with its innovation, scalability, and impact. Congratulations to the team! We know you will make us proud.

What's next for the other contestants?

NIPDB had a further surprise for the contestants who were close runner-ups to Abu Dhabi, and that was the attendance of the Mauritius Emerging Tech (MET) Expo hosted in Mauritius, taking place on 10-12 May 2024. The MET Expo is a regional exhibition and conference that showcases the latest innovations and trends in the fields of technology, energy, and sustainability. The contestants will have the opportunity to network with potential partners, investors, and customers, and to learn from the best practices and experiences of other innovators in the region. The contestants who will attend the MET Expo are Billet, Nabo Investments, and Myepa. Congratulations, we wish you all the best!

Who were the panelists at the prestigious pitch event?

The panel of judges at the Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition consisted of four distinguished and experienced professionals, who have made significant contributions to the Namibian innovation ecosystem. They were:

  • Cj Dumeni, Country Manager of Yango, a leading ride-hailing service that operates in Namibia and other African countries.
  • Yolanda Kalenga, Chief Legal Officer of the Office of the Attorney General, a public office that provides legal advice and representation to the Government of Namibia.
  • Nawa Likando, Manager of Digital Transformation at Mobile Telecommunication Company (MTC), the largest mobile network operator in Namibia.
  • Sonja Coetzer, Managing Director of Salt Essential Information Technology, a leading ICT company that provides innovative solutions and services to various sectors in Namibia and beyond.

The panelists shared their insights, feedback, and advice to the contestants, and also engaged with the audience on various topics related to innovation, entrepreneurship, and investment. They also expressed their appreciation and support for the NIPDB and the Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition, and their optimism and excitement for the future of Namibian innovation.


The Aim Congress Chelete Cage Competition was a successful and memorable event that showcased the amazing talent and potential of Namibian innovators. It was also a platform for connecting and collaborating with various stakeholders in the innovation ecosystem, both locally and internationally. The NIPDB deserves a round of applause for organizing and hosting such a remarkable event, and for supporting and promoting Namibian innovation. We look forward to seeing more of such events in the future, and to witnessing the growth and impact of Namibian innovation in the world.


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Sonja Coetzer - Managing Director



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