Cybercrime and Cybersecurity – The Myth vs The Truth

Cybercrimes only myth is that it will never happen to you or your company. Cybersecurity only has one truth; you decide how you would like to protect yourself.   With all the information available and an always connected society, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity should be top of mind for all individuals and businesses. Using the same password for multiple logins and not checking … Read More

The Story of a Hacking

With Salt’s Security eXchange Point, you don’t need to fear the Cloud. #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #saltessentialit #mfmarelize #homedome#security

How your Business can Thrive with Teams

One of the best embraced concepts for Salties is team work. For businesses to survive in our current economy, cost cutting is to the bone, and the fight for revenue is brutal. Salt is able to ride this perfect storm, because we are a Team. We are not just a team in Salt, we are in teams with our customers … Read More

Out with the Old/in with the New – Disruption is the word

The future work environment for millions of people will be where a small office of administrators like this is rented, to manage many workers out there working from: home, their favourite café, cars, beach, and other places. This is not the future.  It is already happening everywhere.  The internet, Internet of Things (IoT), and Technology are where the tools are.  … Read More

Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Most businesses are dependent on the availability IT systems and the data generated/hosted through these systems. It is critical for business to make sure business systems and data are safe from any type of disaster which may hit anytime. Over the last 15 years ICT has moved from primitive data back-up on tapes to the backing up of virtual severs.  … Read More

Salt Essential Information Technology and The Sales Institute

Microsoft Licensing 70-705 Examination Preparation Salt Essential Information Technology and The Sales Institute recently hosted the Microsoft Licensing 70-705 Examination Preparation in Windhoek, Namibia. Well known trainer @Tim Keys trained 12 Namibians from the ICT industry from the 3rd to the 5th April to prepare the individuals to take the required external exam. The next session is planned for the … Read More

Top 10 Benefits of Microsoft Office 365 Series #10

Bringing us to the end of our Series Professional Face for Your Business Using professional services like Office 365 tells potential customers that you’re serious about business. With these state-of-the-art but easy-to-use collaboration, mail, and messaging services, you can set yourself apart from organizations that use free or ad-supported services. A custom domain name further enhances your branding, and Office … Read More

The Importance of People Skills

We all would like to be treated with respect and kindness every day, but as we all know that is not always the case. I was distraught the other day about how someone spoke to me and treated me. Anyone would do anything to keep their customers happy and keep their stress levels to a minimum. As a supplier, Salt … Read More