Help Desk Administration

The role of a HelpDesk administrator in a company can be very exciting, and at times challenging. To work at a Help Desk, you need a lot of patience, good listening skills, and resilience to frustrated customers – and enough care to understand their frustrations, and lastly, and have the required knowledge of your company’s products and services. These are … Read More


Happiness enriches our lives. Each and every one of us gets daily inspirational guidance, be it via social networks, a friendly chat or reading up on the Internet Of Things. Why do we share this among family, friends and colleagues? To motivate others and make the environment you live in better. Deep down in our inner self, it is human … Read More

Make Every day the Best Day of Your Life

Life is really complicated. It’s, at times, almost impossible to make sense of. There are times in life where you need to tell yourself to stop and smell the roses. Making every day the best day of your life means making that conscious effort to create it. Your circumstances should never stop you from making the most out of every … Read More

Artificial Intelligence vs Human Intelligence

I recently watched a documentary about how AI technology is helping farmers. Many years ago it was predicted that artificial intelligence will take over a vast majority of functions which human beings do in every industry and in our homes. in the early 18th century, the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, spinning and weaving machines drastically reduced the number of … Read More

Bracing the Storm of a Recession

How do you keep sane during an economic decline? Being through a couple of recessions throughout my life journey, I came to get a grip of what it is about. It is a basic human instinct to gear ourselves into survival mode when faced with difficulties. Rest assured, it will pass and we will learn from it, making us stronger … Read More