Computing Device Support


The Information and Communications Technology field is vast, covering a wide range of products and services which are becoming ever more complex. Yet we all use some form of technology in most of the activities we perform every day. If we are unable to perform that activity due to the technology being unavailable, our business can lose money, or more importantly its customers! 

Salt has been providing support services to the Namibian business community for almost two decades. In this time we have been exposed to and have become experienced in deploying all the various technologies our customers need! From the Network Point to Access Control, from the Desktop to the Server, from the Switch to the Firewall, from the Internet to the Cloud, we have seen and done it all. We have tried and tested systems, processes and procedures to provide our customers with maximum value with minimum effort and expense. Our services are available 24/7/365, which means our customers gain access to our team even after hours and on public holidays.

Human Resources

Human Resources are costly, and with scarcity the value increases. Affording an in-house IT resource is a luxury not many can afford. When our customer’s business reaches a certain size, or relies heavily on technology,  finding and retaining IT people that are able to design, implement and maintain IT solutions and services becomes almost impossible. One person can only hold so much information, and a business requires various technologies to operate successfully in today’s technology driven market place. This does not even consider the fact that if such a person goes on sick or annual leave, then the business is left without support. This is called single point of failure. 

Our solution is simple. Tap into our pool of highly skilled, experienced and certified team of engineers, and pay a fraction of what our customers would pay for their own in-house resource. Our Service Desk Operators will assess our customer’s problem and route it to the correct resource. By accessing the right skills to solve our customer’s problem, they don’t waste time (and money) on trying to figure out how to solve the problem. Our Customers only pay for a portion of that person’s time, and the resource is shared, making that usually unaffordable and unattainable skill accessible to all!

A Phone Call or Email Away

To provide our customers with even more savings, we have our remote connect service available to them. In most instances our engineers can remotely assist and don’t have to drive to their premises to provide support. 

Our team consists of certified Microsoft®, Cisco, Kaspersky, HP, Dell, local engineers, which are a phone call or email away. We have a dedicated Customer Relationship Team that facilitate regular meetings, where not only your issues are discussed, but new technologies, and potential improvements to your IT environment and / or technologies are proposed. These improvements can in turn lead to fewer call-outs. 

Salt Engineers have been involved in designing and maintaining our own Data Centres since 1996, which means we have daily hands on experience with all aspects of running a successful ICT Department. We maintain 99.8% uptimes to our hosted customers. We constantly aim to improve our services.