Risk Limitation

“They” are out to get you. Seriously. Between the Nigerian princes, Russian mobsters, angry ex-employees, and the pasty, clever-dick teenage hacker down the street, your online presence puts you at risk. All the time. According to a 2007 study by the University of Maryland, a computer is attacked in one way or another every 39 seconds. (1) That was 13 years ago. The latest estimations has it somewhere around once every 21 seconds.

The more digitally connected we become, the more incentive sophisticated data breaches, phishing and ransomware attackers, viruses and malware-criminals have to increase and smarten up their activities. Getting your Facebook account hacked is far more dangerous than the mere frustration or embarrassment – for starters, interconnected Apps opens the door for criminals to steal your identity and your credit card details.

Awareness eXchange Point or AXP, ensures your employees are always aware and prepared for the latest cybercrime scams and your assets are protected by the best artificial intelligence. 

Baseline Risk Assessment

The most common way to get hacked is a phishing attempt send to your email or mobile phone. It might look exactly like a message from your bank, lawyer or company, but sometimes it takes only one click to compromise the whole system. Silly, common passwords and/or unlocked devices are a close second in the certain-ways-to-get-hacked awards. There is no deffence better than properly trained and vigilant employees.

We help you create fake phishing campaigns to test your users and create awareness of the latest scams to avoid your employees accidentally providing their account details to criminals to get access to your confidential information and data.

Security Awareness Training

You can have the best state of the art hardware and software, that only covers you 95% of the time. Your last line of defense is your employees.  the best line of defense in protecting the organization from cyber threats.