Protection of Company Assets

Security eXchange Point or SXP, ensures your employees are always connected to their cloud services reliably and securely, from any location or device. SXP guarantees that access to services are available 99.99%. SXP provides systems and tools to ensure your company data and employee credentials is secure. It gives management visibility into employee use of the internet and corporate data, and puts measures in place to ensure curb internet abuse while prioritising productivity tools and systems.

Identity, Apps and Data

Hackers may be snooping around in your environment for many months before being detected. ATA / aka The Shrink, detects behaviour that is out of the ordinary using employees historical behaviour. So, if Jacob suddenly tries to log into his email from Paris, while sitting across from you in the office, Jacob’s identity has been compromised! ATP proactively protects your employees from malicious hyperlinks in email messages. A banner appears across the top of the email stating that the email is likely to be Junk or contain dangerous content. When a malicious link is clicked the protection blocks the content, while good links can be accessed. This and much more is on offer with SXP.


AntiVirus and Anti-Malware is specifically designed to stop software that has is being created to disrupt, damage, or gain authorised access to a computer system. At Salt we only provide the very best systems available to our customers. You can rest assured it has been tried and tested and used by the Salties as well. 

Perimeter Protection

Salt’s S2SC is ground breaking technology allowing you to securely connect your branches to your Head Office, and all offices to the world wide web. Local internet break out ensures the best performance when accessing your cloud services. Your data and users are protected by state of the art security systems. Salt manages this all for you, and we provide reporting which gives you insight into how and when the internet is accessed, by whom, and what is being accessed. This provides protection against users intentionally or accidentally accessing dangerous content. It also ensures bandwidth is used for work related activities, and limits or completely stops access to sites such as Facebook or YouTube.