More than ever before, our working life is filled with new technology. You have an app for this and an app for that. It can become tedious navigating all of these different applications and remain productive while collaborating with colleagues and peers.

Since most of the business world works with Microsoft technology for ease of use and security of data, the Microsoft application suite has become a must-have, and not a nice-to-have.

Salt has been a Namibian leader in Cloud technology for the last 20 years. We embraced Microsoft Cloud since its inception. We have inhouse experts who work with the technology daily, who have been successfully transferring these skills to beginners, intermediate and even advanced users for years. Our engineers are not only hands-on experienced, but formally certified digital transformers. Salt engineers work day in day out with individual users as well as companies.

We usually start off with a high-level session which covers basics, so as not to drain the concentration of the end user having to learn the new application. In-depth, follow up sessions are organised according to business function and application. Assessments are and can be performed, and surveys are conducted to assess competency levels at every phase of the training journey, from beginners to advanced users.

The Salt team can assist with regular check-ins for any questions that may arise or for quick sessions to explain something in more detail. We provide material that users can access afterwards, like one page quick starts, that can be kept by users as they work with the applications.

We also introduce users to online learning portals where they can benefit from free training provided by Microsoft, and can assess their own level of proficiency.

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