It’s Hard to See You Leave, but We Love to Watch You Go….

It’s the old adage; ‘If you love something, let it go. If it returns, it’s yours; if it doesn’t, it never was.’

I just wish more companies understood the concept. Locking people into long term contracts for fear of losing them, tells the customer that you are certain you will be giving them a reason to want to get out of the contract. If you make it easy for people to leave, you must be sure enough of your service that you don’t have to lock them into long contracts.

Same concept with subscribing to an online service. It’s nice and all scrolling through the Internet and coming across websites/companies who offer freebies. For the small price of your email address. So, what we do is, we “subscribe”, freebie pops in your inbox, and now that you have it, you have a certain time to evaluate it. The nasty behind this is they made you give your credit card details to get the freebie. But when you decide this is not for you, and try to unsubscribe, you can’t!

The after effect is hashtag bashing on social media that is bad for the business. Consumers review your business / service / products online, and only once the customer is 80% sure they want to buy, do they make contact. By not allowing someone to get out, or offering bad service, you may inadvertently put off potential customers by what they see and what people say about your business online.

Do yourself a favour today. Go Google your company name, click on Google Reviews, and see what your customers say about your business.

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