It Will NEVER Happen to Us. We are too Small.  

Until it does happen to you. Marriott/Starwood, an international Hotel and Resort, is fined £99 Million GDPR fine for data breach in November 2018. They have been found to have exposed 339 million guests of which 30 million were EU residents, through a data breach. The hacker got hold of name, passports, email address, phone, etc. Read more here.  Then British Airways is also facing a £183.39 Million GDPR fine for failing to protect customers’ financial and personal data. More here.

As good corporate citizens, we comply to local regulations. However, compliance to international regulations must also be taken seriously. Non-compliance can not only bankrupt your business, putting your employees out of work and your customers hanging high and dry. Compliance can enhance your image as an ethical organisation, and re-assure your customers that you are treating their data with the respect they would expect. You don’t like the idea of people mining your personal information and selling it to spammers. And that is just the tip of the ice berg. We may live in Namibia, but a lot of us do business with countries outside of Namibia. As such we are required to comply to international regulations such as GDPR.

Talk to us if you need guidance on how to become compliant. The Saltie experts can assist you to become compliant. Email us at or call us at 061 433 9900.

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