ICT is a Business Decision

Cloud, Hosted, VMs, Security, Hackers, Y2K, Data Theft, Customer Data, GDPR, Exposed, Risks, Expensive Solutions, Digital Transformation. All the buzz words used to scare business owners in making buying decisions in terms of their business’ technology infrastructure that leads to rush decisions, that does not contribute to the business’ goals and objectives.  

Technology is not an IT decision, it is a business decision, it challenges, empowers and impacts businesses and their customers alike. Technology has become the foundation of achieving successful business goals and objectives, it delivers real-time data that allows for immediate decision making.  

Although the phrase Big Data was only coined in 2005 by Roger Mougalas, it has a much older history, yet did not resonate till 2011/2012 with several enterprise companies. It was seen as yet another buzz word, a technology fad that will fade and be replaced.  Big Data (noun) is extremely large data sets that may be analysed computationally to reveal patterns, trends, and associations, especially relating to human behaviour and interactions. Today, data is everybody’s business.  

“The value of Big Data does not depend on how much information you have, but on what you are going to do with it.” Meghraj Singh Beniwal 

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