How your Business can Thrive with Teams

One of the best embraced concepts for Salties is team work. For businesses to survive in our current economy, cost cutting is to the bone, and the fight for revenue is brutal. Salt is able to ride this perfect storm, because we are a Team. We are not just a team in Salt, we are in teams with our customers and providers as well. The fittest survive by honing features and skills that make them smarter, faster and safer.

Another concept that is big at Salt is onsgeeom, or ovakwashiwana. It starts within Salt, from respect for each other as human beings, as part of families, as part of our customers businesses, and as part of the bigger Namibia team. For Salties it’s the little things such as being on time for meetings, leaving the kettle filled up for your co-workers, to the larger responsibilities of doing your job to the best of your abilities. This notion also extends to our customers. It’s spending a few extra minutes with a customer, to showing them an easier way of doing something, and that makes a difference in how they treat their customers or providers. It’s introducing new and better technology which costs them less, but makes them safer and more productive. Therefore, even in the difficult financial state Namibia finds itself, even if revenue drops, profitability can increase, without retrenching. It can be done by team work, but it requires something more.

Other than team work, what ensures survival is the use of tools. And the one tool that makes it possible for Salt to care about each other and our customers, is my favourite app, Microsoft Teams. True to its name it facilitates a team’s ability to share documents and work on them together, to talk to each other face to face, from any device, from any location in the world. It declutters our lives by giving you access to all your favourite Microsoft apps like Outlook, One Drive, Word, PowerPoint etc, from one single little purple place. By creating a team in Teams, folders are set up in the back end in One Drive, groups are created in Outlook and much more.

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