Email eXchange Point (EXP)

For businesses to thrive, employees need to be always connected, from anywhere and any device. Downtime costs businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. Internet in Africa is still very unstable and unreliable, with regular outages causing pain. Our customers get guaranteed uptimes and access to email, while ensuring security and compliance. Our solutions are known to save businesses up to 50% on IT costs.

Exchange Online

This plan offers a secure corporate email for a low cost. Each user is provided with 50 GB of inbox storage and can send messages up to 150 MB.All of the features like inbox management, sharing of calendars and contacts is available, at uptimes of 99.9%.Inbox management uses machine learning to clear up clutter from your inbox.


Salt’s archiving offers the most comprehensive solution that fully integrates with Exchange Online. Rest assured that email can’t be deleted by mistake or by malicious employees.Fully comply with legal and auditing requirements by keep mails safe and easily accessible. It’s quick and easy to access from any device, from anywhere.

Secure to Secure Site Connectivity (S2SC)

Salt’s S2SC is ground breaking technology allowing you to securely connect your branches to your Head Office, and all offices to the world wide web. Local internet break out ensures the best performance when accessing your cloud services. Your data and users are protected by state of the art security systems. Salt manages this all for you, and we provide reporting which gives you insight into how and when the internet is accessed, by whom, and what is being accessed. This provides protection against users intentionally or accidentally accessing dangerous content. It also ensures bandwidth is used for work related activities, and limits or completely stops access to sites such as Facebook or YouTube.