Domain Names, Websites and Hosting

How safe is your business data and financial systems from disasters such as theft, water leakage, lightning strikes or simple hardware failures? Do you have a plan that will ensure business continuity at lowest financial impact, such the inevitable happen? DR is the process of getting your crucial data duplicated, in a safe and securely, yet easily accessible place. In the IT world, that DR plan is how to get your applications recovered, up and running at 100% after a disaster impedes their function. Business Continuity involves processes, people and systems that keeps the business going. Calculate  how much work is lost when your business systems are down.

Giving your employees the security that business can continue as usual, involves components from BackUp, Hosting and WAR. Talk to the Salt Disaster Recovery experts to find the perfect mix to suite your business needs.

Domain Names

Salt has been hosting domain names for as long as we have been in existence. It is the most basic and crucial element of your digital presence. Nothing says professional or affirms the legitimacy of your business like a professional domain name. Get away from and switch to a professional to show your potential customers you mean business.


A website is one of the very first things a business needs to make an impact in today’s economic climate. It is your place in the world wide web. A well designed and secure website is no longer a nice to have. 

We also have locally qualified engineers and digital marketing experts to assist you with the structure and design and to ensure that you are high up in the SEO rankings.

Start off with a starter package of 20 Gigabytes for only N$ 99.00 per month. Salt hosts our customers and our own websites on our secure infrastructure, where they are always available and accessible. 


Salt has operated our own data centre’s for over 20 years. We are the experts in ensuring that hosted services maintain the uptimes required by business objectives and goals. Just bring your own hardware and software, we will make sure the facilities you put them in run like clock work.

Virtual Servers

A virtual machine (VM) is an instance of a desktop operating system that runs on a centralized server. Access and control are provided to the user by a client device connected via the internet or other connectivity link.

With a virtual machines, data is contained on the server, server resources can be allocated to users as needed, users can work from a variety of devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone) from different locations, and all the virtual machines can be managed centrally. 


Salt hosts a variety of applications for our customers, from email to ERP and / or financial systems. Host them in ISO and GDPR compliant spaces in Microsoft Azure, or if you are required to have your data locally hosted, we have a safe space right here in Windhoek.