Distance Learning with Microsoft Teams

Please see: https://microsoftteams.eventbuilder.com/TeamsEducation

We also found some amazing new tech for you to consider:


Set up classrooms and assignments using Microsoft Teams

a.How to setup remote learning with Microsoft Teams View link
b.How to create a new classroom using Microsoft Teams: Watch video*
c.How to give assignments to students using Microsoft teams: Watch video*

Show them how to use Microsoft Teams to host classrooms online

a.How to use Share option to deliver the training content: View Link
b.How to use Whiteboard to make the training interactive: View link
c.How to record the meeting for replay and for your knowledge base: View link

Set up Microsoft Teams Live Events for large seminars

a.How to plan and schedule a live event: Watch Video
b.How to attend a live event: Watch Video
c.How to moderate a Q&A: Watch Video

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