Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity

How safe is your business data and financial systems from disasters such as theft, water leakage, lightning strikes or simple hardware failures? Do you have a plan that will ensure business continuity at lowest financial impact, such the inevitable happen? DR is the process of getting your crucial data duplicated, in a safe and securely, yet easily accessible place. In the IT world, that DR plan is how to get your applications recovered, up and running at 100% after a disaster impedes their function. Business Continuity involves processes, people and systems that keeps the business going. Calculate how much work is lost when your business systems are down.

Online Backup Service (OBS)

Availability of data is a fundamental start to any business continuity plan. Salt’s Online Backup Service, allows you to protect your critical data securely so that you can concentrate on your key focus, which is your business. If disaster strikes, we can load the data for you, going back to a single day and time, 365 in arrears. 

It’s so easy, OBS a piece of software that gets loaded, initial data copied, and then just changes are backed up as per you schedule preference. Outsource your backups to us, we will set it up so that it just runs, and you get daily reporting that confirms your data is backed up.

Hosting on Virtual Machines

A virtual machine (VM) is an instance of a desktop operating system that runs on a centralized server. Access and control is provided to the user by a client device connected via the internet or other connectivity link. 

With a virtual machines, data is contained on the server, server resources can be allocated to users as needed, users can work from a variety of devices (PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone) from different locations, and all the virtual machines can be managed centrally. Reliable and secure connectivity is a must! See our S2SC solution.

Hosting on Virtual Machines

Replicate data real time to our DC’s, starting from only N$ 1.60 per GB per month and a flat fee of N$ 379.50 monthly for the replication. If your server goes down, ours wakes up and keeps your employees working. You are only charged per hour for the actual usage of resources until your own server is brought back to life.

Business Continuity

Giving your employees the security that business can continue as usual, involves components from BackUp, Hosting and WAR. Talk to the Salt Disaster Recovery experts to find the perfect mix to suite your business needs.

Work Area Recovery

With Salt’s WAR, you do not need to worry about losing valuable company time and thousands of dollars.