Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Most businesses are dependent on the availability IT systems and the data generated/hosted through these systems. It is critical for business to make sure business systems and data are safe from any type of disaster which may hit anytime. Over the last 15 years ICT has moved from primitive data back-up on tapes to the backing up of virtual severs.  Recovery of systems from tapes could take days, weeks, months to get back to normal.  Stories of complete collapse of companies due to catastrophic data loss of the one and only set of servers were not unusual. 

Recovery from disasters has therefore moved in time from (1) Primitive back-up of data to (2) Disaster Recovery (DR) based on virtual technology and now (3) so-called ‘Business Continuity’ where not only systems and data are revived, but facilities (WAR or Work Area Recovery) from where the business can continue to operate on are stand-by.   

If, a fire for instance, should  destroy  a business on-premise housing production server, an investment into ‘business continuity’ can have systems up and running from another location.  Depending on how much data or recent transaction’s, your business can afford to lose, you can define your businesses Recovery Period Objective or RPO. Depending on how much time your business can afford not to operate, you then define your Recovery Time Objective or RTO. Regulation, compliance and legislation may also play a role, depending on the industry you play in. The shorter the time frame, or the less you can afford to lose, traditionally would have amped up the price you pay. With digital transformation this does not need to be the case. Affordable, stable and reliable solutions are available.  

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