Uncertain times leaving your business paralyzed?

By Sonja Coetzer

Industrial revolutions and pandemics can lead to industry disruptions, paralysed business, economic busts and bankruptcies. What it does not lead to is unemployment of visionaries, the gutsy and the daring.

1784 gave birth to the first of a series (1870, 1969, 2014) of industrial revolutions fuelled by the advancement of technology and modernisation of how products, goods and services are produced for, and consumed by the masses. This easy and affordable access has seen growth spurts of economies in some of the most challenging times – when boundaries are pushed and traditional business and comfort zones (we’ve always done things like this…) are challenged. Innovation, and the resultant increased productivity, have always experienced, in some form or other, a resistance driven by the fear of job losses and the investment required to develop a new set of skills. These objections can successfully be overcome with sufficient data, clear goals and objectives, and selecting information and communication technologies that drive disruption and growth.

Although the final die has not been cast in the COVID-19 saga, it has already halted how businesses used to do business and probably contributed to an accelerated 4th industrial revolution. Several businesses are looking at what technology should be part of their day-to-day operations, how they can best leverage this to ensure continuity, and what should they be doing next to ensure longevity. Yet, there are a paralysis experienced due to the uncertainty of these unchartered waters.

An information and communication technology company worth their salt will go to extraordinary lengths to understand you, your business, your industry, and your customers – helping you build a company that is agile, flexible and empowered. It’ll help you navigate and steer a company that is empowered to serve the customer of tomorrow while supporting the customer of today.

Don’t be immobilised by uncertainty. We are here to serve you. Let’s go.

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