Did You Know that Length (size) Matters Most, When it Comes to Passwords?

We were surprised to learn that it’s not how complicated you make the password, the amount or complexity of numerals or special characters, that determine password strength. By the time you get to 12 characters, it should be able to withstand an attack for about 2 centuries. You can find the rest of the guide here. Let us have your thoughts … Read More

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity – The Myth vs The Truth

Cybercrimes only myth is that it will never happen to you or your company. Cybersecurity only has one truth; you decide how you would like to protect yourself.   With all the information available and an always connected society, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity should be top of mind for all individuals and businesses. Using the same password for multiple logins and not checking … Read More

Transformation is Now

Microsoft announced the End of Support for SQL Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on July 9, 2019 and Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2 on January 14, 2020 They would like to thank you for trusting them to run your mission critical applications on these two popular products that businesses have been deploying for nearly over a decade. They are … Read More

Maria vs the Crocodile, a lesson learnt in communicating

On a blessed morning, still raining, I arrived at Salt Head Offices, with one of my favorite songs playing on the radio called Jabulani. As usual I greeted my two friends dancing to the song, Maria and Fanuel, who helped me with my wheelchair as usual and unlocked the entrance doors. Maria went in first to her office, the kitchen, … Read More

Optimising your storage, through SSD and Cloud solutions

Solid-state drives (SSD) have within recent years grown popular both as internal and external drives, because of their impressive speed increases. They are certainly a worthwhile investment, but like any other storage device, they are not exempt from the inevitability of failure/damage. Much like spinning drives, failure is commonplace. Unfortunately, all SSDs have a limited number of writes before they … Read More

IT Equipment is obsolete after 3 years

Change in IT happens so rapidly and frequently, it is difficult to keep up. Add ‘comfort zone’,  ‘The way we used to do things’ and fear of increasing cost, ‘sweating old equipment’, bureaucracy and keeping up becomes even more difficult. Juxtapose the following: The way in which data is processed and stored safely now and into the future is ever … Read More

Getting Gooey about BI

I have been a Business Development Manager for just over 10 years. In all that time it has always been hugely frustrating for me getting reliable information from our various business systems. And once you get the information you need to compare it to the past and try and project into the future, to be able to make good decisions … Read More

A short comparison of Windows Home vs Windows Pro

Need to get Windows, but not sure which package will suit your needs? We’re here to help! Windows 10 comes in two packages instead of the previously overwhelming seven – Home and Pro. Windows 10 Home This is the basic variant of Windows 10. It comes with a number of new features including the revamped Start Menu. You also get … Read More

CUSTOMER Relationship Management

“Customer relationship management (CRM) is a term that refers to practices, strategies and technologies that companies use to manage and analyze customer interactions and data throughout the customer lifecycle, with the goal of improving business relationships with customers, assisting in customer retention and driving sales growth.” (Source: http://searchcrm.techtarget.com/definition/CRM) The term “Customer Relationship Management” has been in existence for more than … Read More

The Importance of Having an AntiVirus

So many of us spend our entire lives online. We browse and email at work, we bank on our smartphones, we game online, we organise our lives with Apps, and all of this is connected through your various devices that are constantly syncing. It’s no longer just the documents on our PC that are at risk – and the days … Read More