Digital Transformation – Are you Online Ready?

In support of the epidemic and the work from home culture, Salt is offering a free one-hour consultation to businesses where they can gain a better understanding of your business. A proposal then follows on how you can digitally transform your business. Of course, this will not be possible with all processes or all businesses. But something might come out … Read More

The Time is Now to Digitally Transform Your Business

Salt has been instrumental in helping our customers digitally transform. Leave processes can be replaced from completing a form and having it signed, to an online form which once submitted, uses technology to escalate the request to the next level for approval. The Manager gets an email with a link to click approve or decline. If approved it automatically goes … Read More

Is your Business Online Ready? Take our free test to find out

At this point it is unclear if this will be the only lock down, as there is still no cure.  The country may have to brace itself for an extended lock down or multiple lock downs. The impact of this could be a disaster for businesses and families alike. Salt has been assisting and guiding their customer to digitally transform … Read More

The Time is NOW – to Digitally Transform your Business

Salt has been seeing and hearing what is going on in our Namibian businesses and across industries. Some are being heavily affected, and threats of closure, retrenchments and salary cuts are very much a reality. Let us face it, we may not be doing business as usual for the foreseeable future. It’s innovate or evaporate. Salt has been digitally transforming … Read More

Rebuild Your School with Minecraft Education

Salt is very excited to share with all our learning institutions that learning can continue in the COVID-19 Lockdown. Schools are being rebuilt virtually throughout the world, and classes can continue safely and securely using Microsoft Education solution, of which the A3 for faculty package includes Minecraft for Education. This package is offered on a monthly basis from as little as … Read More

Distance Learning with Microsoft Teams

Please see: We also found some amazing new tech for you to consider: 1. Set up classrooms and assignments using Microsoft Teams a. How to setup remote learning with Microsoft Teams View link b. How to create a new classroom using Microsoft Teams: Watch video* c. How to give assignments to students using Microsoft teams: Watch video*   2. Show them how to … Read More

Demand Creation – Creating Your Own Consumers

Is the market ready for what you have to offer – or, are you just lazing in your comfort zone. Henry Ford said that if he had to ask people what they want, they would have told him that they want faster horses. Learn more by clicking this link below. #saltessentialit #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #omtemeetisomteweet #happyemployeesdrivessuccessfulcompanies

Mobility … Balance Between Work and Life!

The workforce has become ever available and the traditional office hours has changed to employees being available to customer anytime from anywhere to ensure that it is “business-as-usual”. The way we work, engage and collaborate with our colleagues and customers have changed drastically over the last couple of years. Employees can now work from coffee shops and airports, basically from … Read More

Did You Know that Length (size) Matters Most, When it Comes to Passwords?

We were surprised to learn that it’s not how complicated you make the password, the amount or complexity of numerals or special characters, that determine password strength. By the time you get to 12 characters, it should be able to withstand an attack for about 2 centuries. You can find the rest of the guide here. Let us have your thoughts … Read More