How to Capitalise on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the New Normal

By Sonja Coetzer One complete revolution of the tiny blue marble around the sun later, and the new normal settled as the every-day-normal. You wear your mask as diligently as an extra in an ER TV-drama, sanitise your hands raw, and social distance like a leprous hermit. You take a long, deep breath when someone dares bring up the topic … Read More

Uncertain times leaving your business paralyzed?

By Sonja Coetzer Industrial revolutions and pandemics can lead to industry disruptions, paralysed business, economic busts and bankruptcies. What it does not lead to is unemployment of visionaries, the gutsy and the daring. 1784 gave birth to the first of a series (1870, 1969, 2014) of industrial revolutions fuelled by the advancement of technology and modernisation of how products, goods … Read More

Host Business Apps on Virtual Machines… watsegoed?

Host Business Apps on Virtual Machines… watsegoed? By Sodi U McHloride Oh, yes. Tech companies are gifted at creating cool-sounding, confusing terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. Worse, even the best-intentioned propellerhead will have a “Wa’ val jy uit?” quizzical look on his/her geeky face when you dare ask some clarification on what they are yacking on about.  Then, oh dear, better … Read More

Digital Security: Smelly phish and other online goggas

Digital Security: Smelly phish and other online goggas By Sodi U McHloride “They” are out to get you. Seriously. Between the Nigerian princes, Russian mobsters, angry ex-employees, and the pasty, clever-dick teenage hacker down the street, your online presence puts you at risk. All the time. According to a 2007 study by the University of Maryland, a computer is attacked … Read More

Salt Essential IT Snags 3 Diamond Arrow Awards at the PMR.Africa Awards Ceremony 2020

Press Release  18 February 2020  Salt from Windhoek wins three Diamond Arrow Awards  Windhoek, Namibia — 17 February 2020 — Yesterday, at the annual PMR Awards Ceremony, Salt Essential IT was presented with three Diamond Arrow Awards. Sonja Coetzer, Managing Director of Salt Essential IT, had to travel to the ceremony with a large suitcase, as the company took home three of the sought-after … Read More

PMR Africa Diamond Award 2018

IT Cloud Service Providers – Outstanding – 1st Overall WINDHOEK, NAMIBIA – 26 February 2019: As we are living in the time of digital 3rd and 4th industrial revolution, it is companies, organizations, educational institutions and governments that embrace technology to drive economic progress and stability and develop talent and skills that build and create sustainability and growth. What we build … Read More

Namibia amongst top-end IT providers globally

Windhoek based Salt Essential IT recognized as 2018 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Windhoek, Namibia — 26 June 2018 — Salt Essential IT today proudly announced it has won the 2018 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Namibia. The company was honoured among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation … Read More

Mint, Salt and Microsoft making footprints across Africa

Mint Management Technologies and Salt Essential IT in conjunction with global software developer Microsoft embarked on the technology giant’s African expansion journey into West, East and Central Africa (WECA) by providing Namibian organisations with a ‘first look into Microsoft’s next generation of business applications’ during an event hosted on December 1, 2016 in Windhoek, Namibia. The event focused on Microsoft’s … Read More