An exciting Saltie MD…

I am truly excited about being a Saltie and am so proud of my team! With a cloud-based business model, Salt could enable and support all of our employees and interns to work and learn from home… Click below to continue reading #saltessentialit #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #omtemeetisomteweet #happyemployeesdrivessuccessfulcompanies #DoItTheSaltieWay #ThisIsHowWeRoll Read More

Target the Market

I have learnt a few new tricks this week from Dawid (not the one who beat up Goliath). If you are in business you must target the market with intensity, consistency and volume. Intensity market targeting evolves around the way you advertise your products, be it via various tools on the internet, making use of business gatherings, or via media … Read More

To Cloud or not to Cloud?!

Only has one answer – Yes to (the) Cloud. Cloud computing is a platform that is fast becoming a household name in Namibia with Salt Essential IT playing a major role in it, hence we should ask ourselves, “when will I jump on this wagon?”. The cloud is no longer an illusion but rather a realistic necessity in our day … Read More

Microsoft Licensing Mechanic – Servicing Your Needs

I have been working in the wonderful world of Microsoft licensing for 11 years. In that time, I have seen more changes in Microsoft’s licensing models than the Kardashians have had plastic surgery. I recently did a licensing comparison for a customer, and to get the full picture, we ended up with 12, yup, 12, different options to choose from. … Read More

The Importance of People Skills

We all would like to be treated with respect and kindness every day, but as we all know that is not always the case. I was distraught the other day about how someone spoke to me and treated me. Anyone would do anything to keep their customers happy and keep their stress levels to a minimum. As a supplier, Salt … Read More

The Art of Professionalism

The one thing that totally drives me insane is an unprofessional email for professional purposes. I know, the world is changing, people are changing, and etiquette is becoming a thing of the past. Yet, every day I get tons (exaggerating) emails with no contact details and no email signature. I don’t expect a kind regards, but how do I engage … Read More

Help Desk Administration

The role of a HelpDesk administrator in a company can be very exciting, and at times challenging. To work at a Help Desk, you need a lot of patience, good listening skills, and resilience to frustrated customers – and enough care to understand their frustrations, and lastly, and have the required knowledge of your company’s products and services. These are … Read More

Battling the Pesky Password Problem

Passwords vs. Memory = The Risk What is considered a strong password, and why does the strength of the password really matter that much. This brings us to another question; how do hackers gain access so effortlessly? For anyone in the IT industry, in a recent quest to engineer secure systems, NIST (the National Institute for Standards and Technology) has … Read More

Professionalism in the Workplace

Definition of tact 1: a keen sense of what to do or say to maintain good relations with others or avoid offense 2: sensitive mental aesthetic (visual) perception According to the Merriam Webster online dictionary, there are 2 definitions for the word “tact”. In this case, we’ll be using the first one. Being tactful means being considerate towards others’ feelings … Read More

Driving Organic Traffic with Bots

Some of us may find the idea of robots in the workplace a bit scary, maybe have a bit of trust issues as well, but if we just gave them a chance, we’ll see that they’re not here to take over, but here to make our lives just a little bit easier. Having a bot on your website or social … Read More