How to Capitalise on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the New Normal

How to Capitalise on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the New Normal

By Sonja Coetzer

One complete revolution of the tiny blue marble around the sun later, and the new normal settled as the every-day-normal. You wear your mask as diligently as an extra in an ER TV-drama, sanitise your hands raw, and social distance like a leprous hermit. You take a long, deep breath when someone dares bring up the topic of COVID-19 and the impact it has had on life, work and everything else. And the mental fatigue from working from home and yet another online video conference meeting, workshop, demo or presentation threatens the stability your last intact marble.

We’re not on the eve of the 4th Industrial Revolution anymore, darling, we’re waist-deep in the middle of it and it is imperative for companies to make serious business decisions regarding their information and communication technologies to meet the needs of modern customers.

Did COVID-19 trigger the acceleration of this 4th Industrial Revolution? Yup, it certainly did. Many (maybe even most?) companies and industries have been pussyfooting around it for a decade, but now the horse has bolted and you either get in the saddle or risk being left behind in an empty stable.

Has this disruption of customers and consumer behaviour lead to companies and organisations buying any tech available to ensure that their employees can work from home? Again, many certainly did, and this have left procurement policies and consumption of technology in a state of shambles. Do you have a sustainable IT environment that will guide your business into the world of tomorrow?

It is said that companies are not using, on average, even 15-20% of the available features within a product/software-suite/solution procured to help drive productivity and profitability. The total cost of ownership can become a burden to companies when lines of business applications and productivity suites are not carefully selected in alignment with the company’s goals and objectives. Information and communication technology strategy is now, maybe more than ever, a driving force behind critical business decisions. It is a major contributor to game-changing capability actions and sustainability.

It is important that you have a 360 degree view of all the technology in your infrastructure from hardware, networks, business systems, and applications. And, first and foremost, how your technology is enabling your team to deliver on the core business goals and objectives.

An information technology partner worth its salt will be able to assess and vet your complete environment, and empower you to make critical business decisions around your IT.

Contact Salt for a 360-view of your environment today, tackle the 4th Revolution by the horns and ride it into the sunset.

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