Did You Know that Length (size) Matters Most, When it Comes to Passwords?

We were surprised to learn that it’s not how complicated you make the password, the amount or complexity of numerals or special characters, that determine password strength. By the time you get to 12 characters, it should be able to withstand an attack for about 2 centuries. You can find the rest of the guide here. Let us have your thoughts … Read More

The Human Firewall – Your employees are your last line of defense

Ransomware was a 5-Billion-dollar criminal business in 2017, and continues to grow. Only the very big and public attacks are in the press. It’s such an embarrassment for people and companies that one hardly hears of local cases. The fact is it is happening to Namibian businesses and the losses are avoidable. 91% of successful data breaches starts with a … Read More

More than a Sum of its Parts

While working on a migration project with a customer, I was reminded again that ICT is like a living organism, and especially that whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  By treating the singular components of IT in isolation, your risks of failure grows exponentially. Doctors have to work in a similar manner.  A patient can show multiple … Read More

The Food Chain vs The Circle of Life

Recently I have come to the understanding that as in nature, so too in the business ecosystem, there is a Circle of Life. What separates us from the animals, is having a conscience. So while in nature the Circle of Life = The Food Chain, in our case, it need not be. The Circle of Life in our business ecosystem, … Read More

Maria vs the Crocodile, a lesson learnt in communicating

On a blessed morning, still raining, I arrived at Salt Head Offices, with one of my favorite songs playing on the radio called Jabulani. As usual I greeted my two friends dancing to the song, Maria and Fanuel, who helped me with my wheelchair as usual and unlocked the entrance doors. Maria went in first to her office, the kitchen, … Read More

The Trust Relationship

When you’re not near your device in the office, screen lock your device. My company has been teaching me this since day one. I never really locked my screen when I stepped away from my desk, because I didn’t think it was necessary as I trusted my colleagues. You can never be sure who to trust and who not… Locking … Read More

Getting Gooey about BI

I have been a Business Development Manager for just over 10 years. In all that time it has always been hugely frustrating for me getting reliable information from our various business systems. And once you get the information you need to compare it to the past and try and project into the future, to be able to make good decisions … Read More