Demand Creation – Creating Your Own Consumers

Is the market ready for what you have to offer – or, are you just lazing in your comfort zone. Henry Ford said that if he had to ask people what they want, they would have told him that they want faster horses. Learn more by clicking this link below. #saltessentialit #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #omtemeetisomteweet #happyemployeesdrivessuccessfulcompanies

Cybercrime and Cybersecurity – The Myth vs The Truth

Cybercrimes only myth is that it will never happen to you or your company. Cybersecurity only has one truth; you decide how you would like to protect yourself.   With all the information available and an always connected society, Cybercrime and Cybersecurity should be top of mind for all individuals and businesses. Using the same password for multiple logins and not checking … Read More