Host Business Apps on Virtual Machines… watsegoed?

Host Business Apps on Virtual Machines… watsegoed? By Sodi U McHloride Oh, yes. Tech companies are gifted at creating cool-sounding, confusing terminology, abbreviations and acronyms. Worse, even the best-intentioned propellerhead will have a “Wa’ val jy uit?” quizzical look on his/her geeky face when you dare ask some clarification on what they are yacking on about.  Then, oh dear, better … Read More

Digital Security: Smelly phish and other online goggas

Digital Security: Smelly phish and other online goggas By Sodi U McHloride “They” are out to get you. Seriously. Between the Nigerian princes, Russian mobsters, angry ex-employees, and the pasty, clever-dick teenage hacker down the street, your online presence puts you at risk. All the time. According to a 2007 study by the University of Maryland, a computer is attacked … Read More

Video Call Fatigue? Introducing Together Mode

Do you have Video Call Fatigue? Microsoft Teams has a way to make your meeting experiences better: Introducing Together Mode! This is how you can get it too: Click on your profile picture Then go to Settings In the General Tab, under Applications, Select/Turn On/Tick “Turn on new meeting experience” When you are in your next Teams meeting, click on … Read More

Free phishing attack simulation

Free Trial – Create a Phishing Attack Simulation. If you wish to test out this feature within the Microsoft suite of services, and it is not part of your current license, just let us know and we can provision a trial license (capped at 25 users) for you. It is really super easy! Instructions on how you can set this … Read More

Microsoft Ignite 2020 Invitation

The countdown has begun, 48 hours of continuous content and live Q&A – ALL FREE. Microsoft Ignite is coming directly to you this year. Over 48 hours, you will be immersed in topics with Microsoft leaders, hear from your tech heroes in the digital breakout sessions with live Q&A, technical workshops, 1:1 consultations, and so much more. Learn new ways … Read More

Vacancy: Systems Administrator and Solutions Architect

Vacancy Description: Salt Essential Information Technology has a vacancy for an independent, self-motivated, up-to-date technologies to fill the position as a System Administrator / Solutions Architect for on-premises, cloud and hybrid infrastructure solutions for our clients. This role has to elements of responsibility to it and needs to be managed accordingly. The position of system administrator consists of installing, configuring, … Read More

Vacancy: Cloud Architect And Divisional Team Lead

Vacancy Description: Salt Essential Information Technology is taking our technology department to a new height and is looking for an individual that can help define our cloud-based technology strategy and business plan. Develop products and solutions based on bespoke Microsoft technology such as Microsoft 365 and Azure amongst others to achieve the goals company’s overall goals and objectives. The individual … Read More

2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year!

Beaulah Keis, Peter-George Mannel, Peter Müller, Selma Uushini (Salt Essential IT) and Gina Alves (Microsoft) Windhoek, Namibia — July 13, 2020 — Salt Essential IT today announced it has won the 2020 Microsoft Partner of the Year Award. After winning three Diamond Arrow Awards at PMR in February 2020 and following their remote work solution empowering over 20,000 Namibian workers … Read More