Landline Down due to Landline Cut Over

At Salt, we strive to give you an exceptional service every time. But please do bear in mind that our landline lines are down due to cutting over of telephone lines and that Salt can be contacted on our Standby telephone at 081 150 6000 or click below to email us We will be down for the remainder of the … Read More

Microsoft 365 Licence Name Change

The only constant in life is change. Microsoft has recently made changes to their licensing naming conventions and the structure of their suites. What was Office 365 Business Premium is now Microsoft 365 Standard. What was Essentials is now Basic. Thankfully pricing in US Dollar remains the same, but we are still racked by the very volatile Rate of Exchange. … Read More

Switchboard Lines are Down

Please do bear in mind that our switchboard lines are down. Contact us for more information. #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #saltessentialit #KeepingYouConnected Click here

An exciting Saltie MD…

I am truly excited about being a Saltie and am so proud of my team! With a cloud-based business model, Salt could enable and support all of our employees and interns to work and learn from home… Click below to continue reading #saltessentialit #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #omtemeetisomteweet #happyemployeesdrivessuccessfulcompanies #DoItTheSaltieWay #ThisIsHowWeRoll Read More

Online Learning Solution for your Educational Institution

Salt has been fortunate enough to work with some local educational institutions to enable online learning using Microsoft Teams. Not only is Microsoft Teams, as part of the Microsoft educational solution, a safe place for teachers to host online classes with their students, it comes with a host of free applications that facilitates an interactive and inclusive online learning experience, … Read More

Last Chance for Essential Service Providers!

Note to all essential service providers who have not had the chance to register their businesses, are in the process of registering, or would like to inquire about open applications, please contact the Ministry as the website was down Friday night, you have until tonight 23h59. For pending applications, applicants should contact the Ministry Should you require more information, please … Read More

Digital Transformation – Are you Online Ready?

In support of the epidemic and the work from home culture, Salt is offering a free one-hour consultation to businesses where they can gain a better understanding of your business. A proposal then follows on how you can digitally transform your business. Of course, this will not be possible with all processes or all businesses. But something might come out … Read More

The Time is Now to Digitally Transform Your Business

Salt has been instrumental in helping our customers digitally transform. Leave processes can be replaced from completing a form and having it signed, to an online form which once submitted, uses technology to escalate the request to the next level for approval. The Manager gets an email with a link to click approve or decline. If approved it automatically goes … Read More

Is your Business Online Ready? Take our free test to find out

At this point it is unclear if this will be the only lock down, as there is still no cure.  The country may have to brace itself for an extended lock down or multiple lock downs. The impact of this could be a disaster for businesses and families alike. Salt has been assisting and guiding their customer to digitally transform … Read More