Meet the Salties

Board Chairman
Bisey Uirab

Bisey joined Salt Essential IT (PTY) Ltd as the majority shareholder in 2017 as he shares Salt’s vision that IT is a critical driver of Namibia’s development. His business acumen and corporate experience a reshaping Salt’s lead in the Namibian market with a view to moving into the SADC and beyond. Bisey leads us with a passion to build strong foundations and partnerships, whilst maintaining the highest levels of good governance and transparency.

Business Development 
Vanessa Maresch

Vanessa is Manager of Business Development having served in Salt as the Manager of Sales and Marketing and PR since 2007. Her enduring faith in Salt’s high values to customer service has played a pivotal role in her loyalty to Salt. She still feels Salt offers something so unique and essential for the Namibian business community, that no other service provider can compete with it. Among her many talents and roles, Vanessa has specialised in keeping

abreast with the evolving suites of Microsoft products which can help businesses reduce their IT costs whilst improving their performance. She manages a sales team that is qualified, experienced and certified.

Finance and Administration
Rozan Botha

Rozan joined Salt in 2016 and has helped transform and interpret the availability of daily financial data by embracing the cloud-based financial program Xero, which Salt adopted in 2017. Rozan has rapidly got to grips with how Xero interfaces directly with Acello to record Salt techies’ work and Receipt Bank which can digitalise and transcribe expenses

Data Centre and IT Services
Arno Delport

Arno has been with Salt from 2010 with more that 20 years of experience. He is the Technology Centre Manager and drives the technical team to perfection. His path through the company has moved from Technical to Sales to Customer Relationship Management and now back to Technical. He’s drive is to ensure customer satisfaction and the well being of Salt’s Data Centres. His team members are Frans Herle, George Groenewald, Ivan Musuuo, Leonard Le Roux, Peter-George Mannel and Selma Uushini.

Customer Relationship Manager
Peter Müller

Peter was part of the team  who set up the original Logical Networks, which morphed into Salt in 2008. After a 4 year stint as MD, Peter now looks after his original passion: Customers. He has always seen his role as bridging the “techies” who talk their own language and the customers who have particular IT problems to solve but don’t necessarily know the best options to consider. His Customer Service desk, project management and IT academic backgrounds are enabling him to steer Salt to greater heights even though the economy is tough for all.

Managing Director
Sonja Coetzer

Sonja was appointed as MD in 2020. She fell into IT over 20 years ago, and had her first exposure to the love of her life when she met Windows 3.1. She grasped the infinite power ICT products and solutions could offer to change lives for the better and of course like any other marriage, for the worse. Sonja is passionate about IT and in particular Microsoft, and will take every moment and opportunity to apply it to her every day life and customers’ environment. By nature, Sonja is a sales specialist, and after a long stint as our Solutions Advocate, she is now responsible for the next phase of Salt’s business growth. “I am honoured to work with such a brilliant, forward thinking team who embraces a Cloud first model, delivering smart yet effective solutions to our clients.”