ICT is a Business Decision

Cloud, Hosted, VMs, Security, Hackers, Y2K, Data Theft, Customer Data, GDPR, Exposed, Risks, Expensive Solutions, Digital Transformation. All the buzz words used to scare business owners in making buying decisions in terms of their business’ technology infrastructure that leads to rush decisions, that does not contribute to the business’ goals and objectives.   Technology is not an IT decision, it is a business decision, it challenges, empowers and impacts … Read More

Cyber Attacks – A Different Kind of War

Wars were fought are and still being fought between countries, factions and tribes whereby those parties want more power over the other – whether on territory disputes, political or economic powers at play. Over the past 30 years or so, cyber attackers started using a brand of warfare whereby they targeted companies and governments to disrupt operations; spying and making … Read More

Protect your OneDrive Files

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