Kolok Namibia Visit

Beaulah and Zonica had an interesting tour of the Kolok warehouse in Windhoek, and was given a brief tutorial on the Pantum Printer – hint: you can stand on it while it prints!! #onsgeeom #ovakwashiwana #saltessentialit #mfmarelize #homedome #koloknamibia #pantum

Cloud Solutions with Marelize Horn

Salt, at our core, has always been about cloud, even before the term was coined. In our journey over the past two decades we have become a multiple award winner, providing ground breaking technology to our customers, that opens a whole new world of possibilities for the business and its employees #ovakwashiwana #onsgeeom #saltessentialit #mfmarelize #homedome #cloudsolutions

It Will NEVER Happen to Us. We are too Small.  

Until it does happen to you. Marriott/Starwood, an international Hotel and Resort, is fined £99 Million GDPR fine for data breach in November 2018. They have been found to have exposed 339 million guests of which 30 million were EU residents, through a data breach. The hacker got hold of name, passports, email address, phone, etc. Read more here.  Then … Read More