Driving Organic Traffic with Bots

Some of us may find the idea of robots in the workplace a bit scary, maybe have a bit of trust issues as well, but if we just gave them a chance, we’ll see that they’re not here to take over, but here to make our lives just a little bit easier. Having a bot on your website or social … Read More

Artificial Intelligence – Should we Embrace it or be Afraid?

The fear is that artificial intelligence will take decision-making power away from our sales reps and our Sales and Marketing managers, but the hope is that it will help boost sales. What I’ve seen in our Sales department is that customers easily switch vendors if they do not get what they want. The changes happening in the B2B sales space … Read More

Are People really watching my videos?

At Salt, we have been publishing our own videos for almost two years now, be it advertising, references and even noteworthy events. Video is a big part of digital marketing, since consumers prefer watching, and not reading, content. #instantgratification My job involves monitoring the engagement, and I was quite depressed to see that all our videos on Facebook simply are … Read More


Happiness enriches our lives. Each and every one of us gets daily inspirational guidance, be it via social networks, a friendly chat or reading up on the Internet Of Things. Why do we share this among family, friends and colleagues? To motivate others and make the environment you live in better. Deep down in our inner self, it is human … Read More

The Human Firewall – Your employees are your last line of defense

Ransomware was a 5-Billion-dollar criminal business in 2017, and continues to grow. Only the very big and public attacks are in the press. It’s such an embarrassment for people and companies that one hardly hears of local cases. The fact is it is happening to Namibian businesses and the losses are avoidable. 91% of successful data breaches starts with a … Read More

PMR.africa Excellence Awards – Salt Wins Again

Salt Essential IT has won the Diamond Arrow PMR.africa Excellence Awards 2018 in the Business Sector for Cloud Service Providers in Namibia. This is the ninth Diamond Arrow Award Salt has won and follows on the prestigious Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award 2018 Salt was awarded in July 2018. Salt consistently strives to be the best in delivery … Read More