Make Every day the Best Day of Your Life

Life is really complicated. It’s, at times, almost impossible to make sense of. There are times in life where you need to tell yourself to stop and smell the roses. Making every day the best day of your life means making that conscious effort to create it. Your circumstances should never stop you from making the most out of every … Read More

What is Disaster Recovery

How safe is your business data and financial systems from disasters such as theft, water leakage, lightning strikes or simple hardware failures? Do you have a plan that will ensure business continuity at lowest financial impact, should the inevitable happen? Disaster Recovery is the process of getting your crucial data duplicated, in a safe and securely, yet easily accessible place. … Read More

Email eXchange Point

No mail, Lost mail, Slow mail? When your company faces email platform instability and availability, it has a big financial impact on your business operations. Email is one of the main tools used to facilitate the sales and communication activities, and without stable and redundant Internet, customers are not able to send/receive emails. With Email eXchange Point, you are always connected from anywhere at half … Read More

A Warm Saltie Welcome

Salt Essential IT is very proud to announce that Sonja Coetzer has joined the Salt Team. Sonja brings with her a wealth of experience built up over 20 years in the ICT ecosystem. She will be responsible for enhancing the customer experience, in line with Salt’s strategy to enable our customers to fully embrace the benefits of the digital transformation … Read More

Winning in Vegas

Our Vegas journey… #onsgeeom, #saltessentialit, #MSInspire2018, #MubasenNamibia