Namibia amongst top-end IT providers globally

Windhoek based Salt Essential IT recognized as 2018 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Windhoek, Namibia — 26 June 2018 — Salt Essential IT today proudly announced it has won the 2018 Microsoft Country Partner of the Year Award for Namibia. The company was honoured among a global field of top Microsoft partners for demonstrating excellence in innovation and implementation … Read More

More than a Sum of its Parts

While working on a migration project with a customer, I was reminded again that ICT is like a living organism, and especially that whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  By treating the singular components of IT in isolation, your risks of failure grows exponentially. Doctors have to work in a similar manner.  A patient can show multiple … Read More

Bracing the Storm of a Recession

How do you keep sane during an economic decline? Being through a couple of recessions throughout my life journey, I came to get a grip of what it is about. It is a basic human instinct to gear ourselves into survival mode when faced with difficulties. Rest assured, it will pass and we will learn from it, making us stronger … Read More

The Food Chain vs The Circle of Life

Recently I have come to the understanding that as in nature, so too in the business ecosystem, there is a Circle of Life. What separates us from the animals, is having a conscience. So while in nature the Circle of Life = The Food Chain, in our case, it need not be. The Circle of Life in our business ecosystem, … Read More