It is a sad fact that many customers who start talking to us about backing up their data, is after they lost their data. The impact of data loss disasters has a ripple effect that can lead to your business closing down. Salt has a basic overnight data back-up service (OBS – online backup service) used by many customers for … Read More

Shine with SharePoint Online

Traditionally customers spent literally millions on having SharePoint properly set up and maintained. You also had to either have a retainer with a development company at astronomical fees, or have a dedicated resource in-house to look after SharePoint. And as data grew, you spent more and more on licensing and hardware to cater for the exponential growth of data and … Read More

Introducing the sleeping server, and peace of mind

Smart people, smart solutions. Is your board pushing for business continuity after a disaster you one and only business critical computer is stolen, has crashed, is consumed by a fire. Your ability to do business is wiped out because not only data, but Pastel has disappeared with the machine! Setting up a second computer somewhere which can be up and … Read More

Irresponsible data management

Most businesses are accountable to many people, customers, employees, shareholders and more! A single computer used for business critical systems such as an accounting system, Point of Sale terminals, Money Management, Property management, job control, customer relations management, you name it, is called a ‘Single Point of Failure’.  These often live under someone’s table in dusty, warm and generally ‘unhygienic’ … Read More

Mad about Minecraft

I have enthusiastic gamers in my house. Personally, gaming has never appealed to me, but to each his own. It is a well-known fact that young children learn best through playing. So, the type of games you allow them to play and how long they play, should be a top priority for parents. And of course, balanced with play outside. … Read More

IT: You never stop learning!

The greatest thing I have learned in IT is the fact that you never stop learning. Since I have started working at Salt, I have noticed that I have learnt something new every day. No matter how small, the fact that you have learned something new adds value to the work you d,o or better yet, might be useful in … Read More

Optimising your storage, through SSD and Cloud solutions

Solid-state drives (SSD) have within recent years grown popular both as internal and external drives, because of their impressive speed increases. They are certainly a worthwhile investment, but like any other storage device, they are not exempt from the inevitability of failure/damage. Much like spinning drives, failure is commonplace. Unfortunately, all SSDs have a limited number of writes before they … Read More