Customer survey results are in, and looking good!

At Salt, we believe in our customers and the mark we intend to leave in Namibia. Our goal is to stand firmly by our customers and to give them the best service possible. A year ago, we realised that one of our primary values – We are Perceptive – was not getting the attention it deserved. We were not listening … Read More

Namibia still vulnerable to Cybercrime

Namibia is the top African destination for cyber criminals, according to a 2016 report in The Namibian. A sobering thought when looked at in conjunction with the rise of cyber crime across the world. Now, over a year later, not much has been done to correct this. Namibians are still one of the most vulnerable countries in the world when … Read More

The future is coming, make it work for you.

The rise of new technologies has become synonymous with job loss which makes the global move towards a technologically-enhanced way of doing things a scary thought for many. The question on everyone’s minds is this: “Is the world moving towards a labourless environment, where jobs will be taken by machinery?” The base assumption is that human productivity requires a large … Read More

The importance of video conferencing

With the world getting smaller, there has been a soar in global corporations. Technology has given rise to new possibilities; breakthroughs in a lot of limitations that businesses had to deal with before. You don’t have to catch connecting flights all the way to Los Angeles for a meeting anymore. All you need to do is just open your laptop … Read More