Hypervisor – The whys, hows and whats

Do you have questions about Hypervisor? Need a little more info? Lenny’s Likes is here to help! Read on for everything you want to know:   Locked into VSphere SimpliVity has focused on vSphere first, for its market share and excellent breadth of capability. SimpliVity is also working on expanding its coverage with KVM support announced and Hyper-V on our … Read More

Tap the power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 directly from Microsoft Outlook

Dynamics 365 is a product line of enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) applications announce and is part of the new Microsoft 365 offering. It is cloud-based, and built for maximum flexibility. This video focuses on the exciting capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 App for Outlook. See your Dynamics 365 data in the familiar Outlook app. Set … Read More

Office 365 Essentials – an introduction

Microsoft’s Office 365 is becoming very popular with businesses because it offers cloud-hosted, fully-managed technology solutions at a very competitive price. In this course, presented by Jim Reeves, we’re going to look at lots of ways businesses can benefit from Office 365, through email, collaboration, communication, document sharing, and more. Specifically, this video looks at Microsoft Exchange (Business-class Email, Calendars, … Read More

ALERT! New wave of Cyberattacks coming

This week marks the start of the Shadow Brokers’ monthly dump service, where certain tools from the alleged Vault7 Toolkit are rumoured to be released to the Net. This can lead to an Increase in Cyberattacks and possible new attacks. Details remain sketchy, where some sources claim Win10 to be the next target, while others claim that it will be … Read More

What are Desktop Support Services?

If you work on a computer, you work on a desktop. And you’ve probably been in a situation where something isn’t working like it should, where you don’t have the right program for a task, or where you have the software, but it’s about a decade old and your files aren’t compatible with anything at all. That’s where remote desktop … Read More