Desktop eXchange Point (DXP)

Our Desktop eXchange Point provides your business with the latest versions of both Microsoft Office and Windows. These are a cloud based services designed to help your employees be most productive, and your business be most responsive. Your employees and stakeholders get access to the latest Word, Excel, PowerPoint etc, as well as the very secure and stable Windows Enterprise, for a fraction of the cost of the traditional licensing vehicles. On our pay as you go model, you can easily add these services within hours of us receiving your request, and should people leave your organisation you stop paying for the services. This flexibility makes sure that ICT services are flexible and relevant, as your business changes. No long-term contracts to be signed, if you don’t need a service anymore, we deprovision it and you stop paying for it. Yes,it really is that simple.

Windows 10

Windows 10 is an operating system that can be installed on desktop PCs, laptops, tablets, phones, and other connected devices. Of course people start to worry about the safety of company information, when employees have the ability to access work data from their personal devices or home PC. A built-in feature of Windows Enterprise is Credential Guard, which helps protect your user name and password. Windows 10 Enterprise also provides protection against identity or device.

Pro Plus

Microsoft Office ProPlus gives you the latest version of Microsoft’s Office applications like Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access etc. You can work from your mobile phone or your laptop at home, on a Word Document or PowerPoint presentation.

It also includes Microsoft Office Web Apps, the online companions to Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote, so you can view and edit documents directly from a browser. You can even share the documents and have multiple people work on the same document at the same time from different places. Now that saves time right?

Work from Anywhere

Each user can access and work on their documents and applications on up to 10 compatible devices. This includes, Mac’s, PC’s, tablets and mobile phones. 

Back ups

Both Basic and Comprehensive offers come with the option to have a full backup made of all your documents to Salt’s Data Centre’s in Windhoek, up to 1.5 Terrabyte. Should you need more space for backups, this can be easily added on and you only pay per GB.

Document Management

We all know how easily documents get lost, or are the same document saved in different locations, as everyone thinks differently as per their role in the company. Emails become large as documents are mailed around, and version control becomes a nightmare to manage. By safely storing your documents in One Drive, all of these issues are addressed. Links to the document can be emailed reducing mail sizes. One document is worked on by multiple users, which reduces version issues. Version history is retained so its easy to go back to earlier versions of a document. Documents are secure as only certain people are allowed to edit or share the documents. With each license each user gets 1 Terabyte free in One Drive. 

The Comprehensive Package

The Basic Package we offer includes Office and Windows, but some businesses or types of information, need security to be beefed up..

The Comprehensive Package includes Advanced Threat Protection. ATP proactively protects your users from malicious hyperlinks in email messages. A banner appears across the top of the email stating that the email is likely to be Junk or contain phishing content. When a malicious link is clicked the protection dynamically blocks the content, while good links can be accessed. If a link is found to lead to a malicious web site, a warning will be displayed instead of the website. This service does not guarantee that all links which are scanned are safe but does guard against many known unsafe sites and is continually updated with new information about malicious sites.

ATP also checks email message attachments for malware and viruses. If an attachment is found to contain malicious content, the email is not delivered, and the sender is notified.