Blood, Sweat & Salt

Blood, Sweat, and Salt is a sponsorship program whereby aspiring young Namibians can join by proving they’re worth their Salt. Being worth your Salt is about your own drive to achieve your ultimate goal, whether it is becoming a successful entrepreneur or sports personality. The only limit is within the individual. A true Saltie tackles the bull by the horns and resolves blockers without thinking. The Blood, Sweat, and Salt group reflect our Values in their personal and public lives. Every sponsorship is different depending on the person’s needs and requirements, but generally involves Salt hosting their website and assisting with Social Media profiling to enable them to increase and maintain a positive image on the world wide web, as well as having a vehicle to gain more sponsors.

We are proud to say that we have now partnered up with the official “MyF**Marelize” Marelize Horn for some exciting, new content. 

Namibia Optimist Investment cc (NOI), in collaboration with Salt Essential IT, has provided a working space for young Namibians to start coding.

~ “Coding is creating an application for the computer.”