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PMR Diamond Arrow Award for Salt Minimize

Salt Essential IT has done it again! For the third year in a row Salt has been rated the highest in the IT Sector and awarded a Diamond Arrow Award of Excellence by PMR Africa.


Based on the survey on Namibia conducted during August, September and October 2013, Salt Essential IT was rated by a random national sample of 220 respondents comprising of CEOs, MDs, business owners, company directors and managers, senior government officials based in Namibia. No prompting is done by the interviewers and the ratings are based on the perceptions of the respondents (corporates and senior government officials based in Namibia).

Companies and institutions were rated against the following criteria:

  • companies/institutions that have done most to enhance economic growth and development of the country
  • levels of managerial expertise
  • implementation of corporate governance
  • brand awareness
  • levels of innovation


In the Business Sector: IT Consulting Companies in Namibia, Salt is highest rated on an overall rating of 4.14 out of a possible 5.00.

"The purpose of the awards is to celebrate excellence. Through the awards we want to acknowledge and set a bench mark for others to aspire to. Through the awards PMRafrica is also creating an opportunity for companies and institutions whereby a team or division can be recognized for all their hard work. After all, there is a successful team behind each successful and highly rated company and institution," says Johan Hattingh, Owner of PMRafrica.

Men on the Side of the Road project professionalises its services with assistance from Salt Essential IT Minimize

Windhoek, 20 January, 2014 - Men on the side of the Road (MSR), an organisation that helps men to gain marketable skills, is continuing its professionalisation. Salt Essential IT, Namibia's foremost IT Specialist and System Integrator, knows that a solid, working IT-infrastructure is vital for any organisation to succeed, including MSR. That is why Salt is donating time and services to upgrade and improve the website and e-mail systems of MSR. MSR facilitates change in Namibia by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities. This road to self-sufficiency and sustainability is helped by companies that contribute financially or in kind to MSR.


In the fast-paced and technologically advanced world of today, having access to hi-tech computer systems is essential. Not only for working effectively, but also to be taken seriously. Both MSR and Salt know this and that is why they have partnered together. Ensuring that MSR has stable e-mail systems, with dedicated addresses adds a layer of professionalism to the Project. This is very important as lots of companies want to know that they will be working together with a charitable project that is professional and shares the same values when it comes to delivering quality.


Obviously to be able to deliver quality an organisation needs the right tools, including IT-infrastructure. That is Where Salt Essential IT stepped in.


"Working together with Salt has been a great experience for MSR and their donation of time and equipment to help professionalise our organisation through the upgrading of ICT-services is a tremendous boost for us. Professionalism has become a differentiating factor for charitable projects as it ensures partner organisations and companies feel comfortable working with us. We are confident that Salt's involvement in our programme demonstrates that MSR is an established and trusted organisation. Which will be." Janet Wicks, of Men on the Side of the Road project said.


For more information and further details on MSR please contact:
Janet Wicks, Tel. +264 (0)61 - 30 58 92

Congratulations Nina, Valentine's Winner Minimize

Nina's message: "The person I'd like to nominate for the ambassador of love would be my mother, Franciska Paulino. (She does not have facebook though.) I would say my mum because there is nothing that helps sculpt an individual more than the consistent as well as firm love that a mother gives. I believe its the purest and most beautiful love. So for the years of patience, understanding, support... I truly am the luckiest child!!" - Nina Paulino

SimpliVity's OmniCube Launched in Africa by Salt Essential IT Minimize

Windhoek, 20 November, 2013 - SALT ESSENTIAL IT, Namibia’s foremost IT Specialist and Cloud Services Provider can now offer SimpliVity’s solution, OmniCube. Salt is the first partner of SimpliVity in Africa and the first to make this hyper-converged infrastructure solution available to its clients here in Namibia. The new technology was showcased earlier in November to government institutions, banks and other organisations.


IT infrastructure is in place to serve the business applications that run on it. However, a snapshot of today's modern IT environment shows that it is usually complex, costly, and often inflexible. It stops an organisation’s IT staff from effectively supporting the business. Most products presently available and implemented are not designed to work well together and are expensive. The problem is exacerbated in an increasingly virtualised and cloud-integrated world. The true value of virtualisation and the cloud is blocked by this infrastructure clutter.  SimpliVity recognised that to truly solve the IT complexity problem required a fundamentally new system architecture. One that is designed to foster the flexibility and data mobility that allows for virtualisation and cloud integration on-demand.


The problem is even worse for IT teams in smaller environments. Smaller organisations are forced to make painful trade-offs, living without core functionality like Remote Disaster Protection and cloud connectivity because the high cost of these infrastructure add-ons prevents them from implementing these key requirements.


Left: Jürgen Weiss, Managing Director of Salt Essential IT, and right: Mario Brum from Simplivity at the SimpliVity launch eventSimpliVity from Boston, USA created the OmniCube solution, an optimised building block that assimilates core storage and server capabilities with the complete set of IT data management. It delivers this functionality at a fraction of the cost of traditional infrastructure products. Two or more OmniCube systems are deployed in a network, creating an OmniCube Global Federation. Simply put, this creates a continuously scalable pool of shared resources that provides intelligent data and VM movement within and across data centers, globally and within the Cloud.


OmniCube is the ideal platform to serve the VMs that run today's most popular business applications like Exchange, SharePoint, transactional databases, web applications, file services, and customer applications. Jürgen Weiss, Managing Director of Salt Essential IT states; ”Solutions like OmniCube that benefit organisations of all sizes are essential, especially as IT-costs are spiralling out of control. Best-in-class solutions should not only be accessible to large corporations and organisations. Now, we at Salt Essential IT can offer this to all organisations in Namibia, irrespective of size.”

Salt and Cisco rocked the POD at the Telecom ICT Summit 2013 Minimize

Salt and Cisco premiered their best seller, the FlexPod, at the Telecom Namibia ICT Summit this year. The premier screening of the POD was very well attended by the ICT community.

A competition to see which attendee could assemble a puzzle in record time was hosted as well, and the winners were a dynamic duo in red, Israel and Paulina.



In the picture are Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager of Salt Essential IT (center), with the FlexPod puzzle winners: Paulina and Israel.


Salt Attends Microsoft World Partner Conference in Houston, Texas, USA Minimize

Salt Essential IT recently attended the prestigious Microsoft World Partner Conference, held in Houston, Texas, USA in July 2013.

The event provided insights into the latest technologies and Microsoft products, which we will use to continuously equip our customers with the competitive edge they expect from Namibia's leading cloud service provider and active Microsoft partner: Salt Essential IT.

Flexpod Hijacks Namibian Business Community Minimize

Respected members of the Namibian business community were swooped away on the Desert Express luxury train late afternoon in Windhoek, Namibia on Thursday, 11 July 2013. This spectacular event organised by Salt Essential IT (Pty) Ltd, and supported by Interdist, NetApp and Cisco, would showcase the revolutionary Expresspod and Flexpod systems incorporating Cisco USC (Unified Computing System) as well as NetApp Storage. The FlexPod platform is the result of Cisco and NetApp collaborating with operating system, hypervisor, and application technology providers.


FlexPod is built on leading computing, networking, storage, and infrastructure software components. It provides an ideal virtualized data center solution with:

  • Validated technologies from industry leaders in computing, storage, networking, and server virtualization
  • One platform built from unified compute, fabric, and storage technologies, with popular and trusted software virtualization
  • Integrated components that help enable you to centrally manage all your infrastructure pools
  • An open design management framework that integrates with your existing third-party infrastructure management solutions


Most guests were unaware of the planned activities as they enjoyed the sunset with the Salt, Cisco and Interdist representatives on the train. After roughly an hour of leisurely travel through the Khomas bushveld scenery, the train came to a stop as a cowboy was hijacking the train.


Guests were huddled into busses and taken to Umti, where upon arrival they were served with sangria in tin cups. A real cowboy meal consisting of baked beans and vienna’s, was served in tin plates, all in true western style. After being welcomed by Filipe Rodrigues, Cisco’s Channel Manager, one of Cisco’s Systems Engineers, Antonio Dos Santos, presented the Expresspod and Flexpod systems to a captivated crowd.


"FlexPod continues to play a foundational role in the future of data centers and private cloud environments. For that reason, it is a linchpin of the converged infrastructure consulting, analysis, design, deployment and support services that we offer to midmarket and enterprise customers. This new designation from Cisco and NetApp will help organizations identify the most qualified providers to ensure successful implementations that transform their data centers,” said Antonio Dos Santos during his presentation.


After the interesting presentation guests were supplied with even more food and drinks, while Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager of Salt, explained that guests would now have the opportunity to win some interesting prizes, simply by assembling a puzzle of the Flexpod system. Guests were very eager to try, being assisted and timed by Business Development Consultants Sean Kemp and Willem Steenkamp. Konrad Swart from MTC managed to assemble the puzzle within 21 seconds, a record of note!


The formalities came to an end after the lucky draw, when Nomore Beremauro of SME Bank, rode off into the sunset with a 46” 3D LED Sony screen. Guests were ushered back into busses and onto the train, for a much too short train ride back to Windhoek.


This event was very well attended and appreciated by the Namibian business community, including ICT representatives from both the public and private sectors and afforded Cisco, NetApp and Salt the opportunity to engage with customers on new technologies. Advice, design, procurement and implementation services and procurement of the Expresspod and Flexpod Systems are available from Salt.



Vanessa Maresch
Salt Essential Information Technology (PTY) Ltd.
Business Development
Service Rd. 161 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave.
Phone: +264 61 273 900
Fax: +264 61 273 909

Maina Kamau
Cisco Systems International B.V.
Marketing Manager, E.A & ESA
7th Floor, Landmark Plaza, Argwings Khodek Road, Nairobi, Kenya
Phone: +254 20 276 4852
Mobile: + 254 721 889 556

Claudia Mussbacher
Marketing Manager MEEEA
(Middle East, Eastern Europe, and Africa)
Mobile Phone +43 664 8866 1849


Boarding the Desert Express

Business on Track

All pieces fall into place

Cowboy Attack

Salt gets New Phone Number on 11th July 2013 Minimize

Dear customers, partners and friends of Salt IT Essential.

Please be advised that as of July 11th, 2013 our new office number will be 061 - 433 99 00.

Please change this in your directories and phones. We are open for business as usual and our employees are at your service, like always.

Only we can be reached on the new telephone number; 061- 433 99 00.

We look forward to your continued collaboration.


For more information, don't hesitate in contacting us here on our web site, or on 061 - 433 99 00.


Your Salt Essential IT Team


Salt's New Phone Number from 11 July 2013 is 061-433 99 00

Men on the side of the Road project receives PC from SALT Essential IT Minimize
Windhoek, 10  April, 2013 – Men on the side of the Road (MSR), an organisation that helps men to gain marketable skills and to start on the path to self sustainability or employment has received a donation from SALT Essential IT. MSR facilitates change in Namibia by connecting the unemployed with job and training opportunities. This road to self-sufficiency and sustainability is helped by companies that contribute financially or in kind to MSR. One of the members of MSR, Pius Shambabi, has received a PC through MSR from Salt, to assist him in his studies. 

SALT Essential IT, Namibia’s foremost IT Specialist and System Integrator understands the impact that IT can have on the development of a country. Every day they work with clients and organisations to develop the IT-infrastructure in Namibia. Education, technology and a desire to improve is what will help Namibia develop on a socio-economic level. This is one of the reasons that Salt is involved with charitable projects. One of these projects is the Men on the Side of the Road (MSR) project.  Salt uses only the most up to date soft and hardware, this means that there is a continuous supply of ‘almost new’ hardware like PC’s that are available. Through Salt’s charitable work with the MSR project, they realised their ‘second-hand’ PC’s could transform somebody’s life. This is exactly what happened with Pius Tangeni Shambabi. 

Pius Shambabi is a young man working through the MSR project and has worked tirelessly to improve his own situation and educational qualifications at the same time. Starting at the bottom he applied himself and slowly and steadily advanced his position.  His hard work and dedication has paid off, as Pius has recently been made an offer to work for Polytechnic as part of a one-year internship. He aspires to study electrical engineering and hopes that he will one day have the opportunity to work in the IT industry. Obviously having the correct tools to work with is essential. That is Where Salt Essential IT stepped in. A Siemens PC was donated to the MSR project, specifically for Pius Shambabi,  PC will assist him in his education, internship and hopefully help him achieve his goal of working in the IT industry. 

MSR registers the unemployed men, adding their details to an extensive database and providing them with photo membership cards, which indicate what skills they can offer. Partnerships with local businesses and training centres have provided opportunities for MSR members to receive training in a wide variety of valuable skills i.e. truck driving, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, tiling, painting and small engine maintenance and repair. Additional workshops on life skills, money management and literacy further enhance the potential for MSR members to find work and a better life

 “The donation of a PC to Pius will change his life immeasurably. It allows him to continue on the track of self-improvement that he started with MSR. Salt’s involvement in our programme not only gives tools to a person that really needs them, but demonstrates that MSR is an established and trusted organisation. We are committed to helping Namibians improve themselves through their own hard work and dedication.” Michelle Swanepoel, of Men on the Side of the Road project said. 
What a warranty is and is NOT Minimize
There has been some ambiguity surrounding warranty in the IT Industry for some time. Customer expectations often differ from what is offered under the term warranty. Each vendor differs and so do their warranty offers on their products. 

One definition is that warranty is a guarantee given to the purchaser by a company stating that a product is reliable and free from known defects and that the seller will, without charge, repair or replace defective parts within a given time limit and under certain conditions. Unfortunatly this simple definition only partly applies to the IT Industry. Warranties offered by Vendors such as HP, Cisco etc, comes as part of the product. Warranty periods are usually, or should be, stated clearly and you can recognise this by looking for the following: 1-1-1 or 3-3-3 in the product description. In case of 1-1-0, the numbers indicate 1 year parts, 1 year labour, and no onsite service. This is the standard warranty for most hardware. What this service includes is that if your hardware (a laptop for example) becomes faulty within the first year of purchase, you may return the laptop to an authorised warranty centre and they will rectify the problem free of charge. You are however still expected to pay the transport for the item going to the warranty centre, and should any costs be incurred with the repair over and above the stipulated terms and conditions in the warranty, you will still be liable for the costs. Additional warranty may be purchased but should be requested at time of purchase. Warranty can then be extended to three years for example. 

Vendors have the freedom to change the conditions of warranty. For example, HP no longer accepts DOA (Dead on Arrival) replacement claims. All items must go to a warranty centre for repair. Often the period that the hardware is in for repair causes stress as customers are unable to work or critical applications may be down stopping business completely. Customers can avoid this situation by buying spares of critical components to minimize downtime, but this is usually a very costly option. Some resellers, like Salt, offer assistance to our customers with warranties. This is done as an added value service and at our cost. Should costs become exorbitant the customer will be charged accordingly. Do bear in mind that Salt is not a warranty centre.

The Salt Team is more than happy to meet with our Customers and discuss the issue in detail.
The Technology skills factory that can cater for Namibia's every ICT training requirement! Minimize


Always at the Edge: Salt becomes first VSP in Namibia Minimize
Always at the Edge: Salt becomes first VSP in Namibia

Salt Essential IT is proud to announce that we are now a VSP (VMWare Service Provider.) The VMware Service Provider Program (VSPP) is for service providers offering cloud computing and hosted IT services built on VMware software. There are over 9,400 service providers in more than 60 countries in the VSPP today, with Salt being the only Namibian IT Service Provider to reach this acclaimed level of proficiency. VMware vCloud® Services offer a broad array of VMware-compatible infrastructure clouds built on a secure platform and delivered by vCloud service providers, enabling customers to easily extend, manage and scale their datacenter workloads to a public cloud. 

What does this mean for you? 

Customers can now rest assured with the knowledge that they can securely connect their internal cloud with Salt, giving them a dedicated pool of resources and allowing them to seamlessly migrate their important applications. As a validated provider, Salt can now provide users with enhanced responsiveness and agility, and reduced IT costs through increased consolidation, task automation and simplified management.

About Vmware

VMware is the leader in virtualization and cloud infrastructure solutions that enable businesses to thrive in the Cloud Era. Customers rely on VMware to help them transform the way they build, deliver and consume Information Technology resources in a manner that is evolutionary and based on their specific needs. VMware has more than 400,000 customers and 55,000 partners.
SALT Essential IT invited as Namibian representative at the ITU Telecom World 2012 Conference in Dubai. Minimize
Windhoek, 24 October 2012 – SALT ESSENTIAL IT, Namibia’s foremost Cloud Services Provider was invited to represent Namibia at the annual ITU Telecom World 2012 Conference.  The Ministry of ICT invited our organisation to participate in conference to showcase and discuss Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector developments on an international scale. The event brought together industry government leaders at the highest level to engage in five days of critical dialogue on networking, knowledge-sharing and the challenges and  opportunities arising from it. Namibia’s governmental and industry presence, represented by amongst others, Salt, ensured that Namibia participated at the highest level globally and becomes competitively internationally. 
Participants met in Dubai, United Arab Emirates from the 14-18 October and included Heads of State, government ministers, corporate CEOs, heads of international agencies, thought-leaders, consultants and academics. Debates centred on the roll out of broadband connectivity, the challenges of cyber threats and the need to step up cyber security. As well as the vast opportunities unleashed by smart applications in such critical sectors as health, education, and government services and their role in achieving sustainable development. With the Cloud being the operative word in ICT, Cloud Services, one of Salt’s strengths was discussed widely.
As Namibia is more connected and plugged in than ever thanks to the new WACS link, it was a great opportunity for Salt as well as for the Ministry of ICT to take part in discussions and show that our country is developing at an incredible pace when it comes to ICT. Showcasing our potential and opportunities for the ICT industry and our growth towards a making Namibia a knowledge-based society.
Jürgen Weiss, Managing Director of Salt said; “It was very interesting to take part in this ITU Conference and discuss themes like universal connectivity, broadband deployment, cybersecurity, child online protection and privacy – themes which touch our daily lives and work everywhere.”  Namibia’s presence also showed the other delegates that Namibia takes its ICT Development very seriously, that is why the Ministry of ICT invited some of the major players in the Namibian ICT landscape to participate in the conference. 
For more information and an overview of topics discussed please visit 
SALT Essential IT creates own internship programmes for high potential sales staff Minimize
Windhoek, 28 October 2012 – SALT ESSENTIAL IT, Namibia’s foremost Cloud Service Provider faces the challenges of skills shortage like many organisations in Namibia. Being an ICT Provider who competes with International ICT companies for Namibian and regional business; well-trained, professional and especially knowledgeable staff is vital. To ensure that we have the best ICT Human Resources staff in Namibia we are investing heavily in skills training and teaching the next generation of sales staff through our very own Internship programme, starting January 15, 2013.
Salt takes great pride in its highly trained, motivated and committed staff, but we can only offer the highest level of service to our clients if we can maintain our high standards. The new Internship programme will give us the right people that have a passion for IT and Sales and will over the 18-month internship learn what it means to be a ‘Salty’. The products and services that Salt sells require specific training not offered in general Sales and Marketing Tertiary education. Therefore by starting our own internship programme we can teach the candidates best practises, sales skills and product / service knowledge.
The first intake of the Internship Programme at Salt will commence 15 January 2013 and last for 6 months. Salt will take on four Interns as part of the first intake. Interns will be required to pass three IT related certifications (Microsoft, Cisco and HP) as well as a formal Sales course, while working full time at Salt Essential IT. The Second Intake will have a one year duration and also require certifications to be passed, and will build on the first intake’s work experiences. At the end of the Second Intake one or both the candidates could be offered permanent employment at Salt Essential as a Junior Business Development Consultant.

Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager of Salt said; “The goals of the Salt Sales Internship Programme is to acquire, train, mentor and retain quality ICT Sales Professionals.” Salt Essential IT employs 30 Namibian citizens, and in comparison to competitors in our field we are a small organisation. Our advantage and strength for our clients lies in being Namibian, and as such we must grow our staff complement with Namibians. This not only makes good business sense, but it is our duty to educate and foster new talent and give them the opportunity to progress within the organisation, all the way to management level, if they have the drive . 

Salt Essential IT donates, supports and plays at the Hochland Park Round Table Golf Day Minimize
Windhoek, October 25, 2012 – Salt Essential IT, Namibia’s foremost IT Specialist and System Integrator once again takes part in the Hochland Park Annual Charity Golf Day. 
Salt is an organisation that works hard and delivers the highest quality for its clients; it stands to reason that the organisation also plays hard. Combining the chance to play hard and contributing to a worthy cause, SALT is donating funds to the Hochland Park Roundtable Golf Day. This will be the 5th consecutive year that our organisation supports this worthy charity event. 
The Round Table Organisation is well known for its charitable work in the community. It relies on its members, volunteers and charity events to ensure it can carry out its worthy charitable work.
Salt is proud to be associated with the Round Table Organisation and looks forward to a fun golf day which will benefit the community. “A day out on the Golf Course is always a nice prospect, even more so when we know that our organisation is helping a worthy cause like the Hochland Park Round Table”, said Jurgen Weiss, Managing Director of Alt Essential IT.
Worth our Salt – Microsoft CSAT results now available Minimize

Quality of support


Overall performance


Competitive advantage


For your next similar purchase of technology products, services, and/or support, how likely would you be to buy from SALT Essential IT  (Pty) again?


We'd like to ask you about your overall satisfaction with SALT Essential IT  (Pty).  Considering everything you know about this company, its relationship with you and its technology products, services, and/or support would you say you are . . .






Flame virus discovered, described as new 'super cyber-weapon' Minimize
An anti-virus company has announced the discovery of a 'highly sophisticated' malicious program. Dubbed "Flame Virus" in the media, this malware is described as very complex and designed to carry out cyber espionage.
Kaspersky Lab announced the uncovering of the malicious threat during an investigation prompted by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU).
This malware is believed to be "in the wild" for over 2 years. The company has said it has been out there at least since March 2010. Flame is also said to be "around 20 times larger than Stuxnet." It is described as being capable of stealing "valuable information, including but not limited to computer display contents, information about targeted systems, stored files, contact data and even audio conversations."
The company said the Flame's "complexity and functionality" exceeds all other malware known to date, which is why no anti-virus software had picked it up. It was uncovered during an investigation into another malware. That investigation, according to Kaspersky, was prompted after a destructive malware program had been deleting data on numerous computers in Western Asia; researchers were still in the midst of this investigation when Flame was uncovered.
Alexander Gostev, Chief Security Expert at Kaspersky Lab, noted in the company's news release,
“The preliminary findings of the research, conducted upon an urgent request from ITU, confirm the highly targeted nature of this malicious program. One of the most alarming facts is that the Flame cyber-attack campaign is currently in its active phase, and its operator is consistently surveilling infected systems, collecting information and targeting new systems to accomplish its unknown goals.”
Kaspersky products detect this program as Worm.Win32.Flame, and has been categorized as a "super cyber-weapon." It was said that Flame is targeting specific computers and is being aligned with powerful malware, such as Stuxnet, which had previously made headlines in 2010.
“The risk of cyber warfare has been one of the most serious topics in the field of information security for several years now," said Eugene Kaspersky, CEO and co-founder of Kaspersky Lab. "Stuxnet and Duqu belonged to a single chain of attacks, which raised cyberwar-related concerns worldwide. The Flame malware looks to be another phase in this war, and it’s important to understand that such cyber weapons can easily be used against any country. Unlike with conventional warfare, the more developed countries are actually the most vulnerable in this case.”
The authors of Flame are currently not known, but it is strongly suspected to have been written by a state intelligence agency; no indicators as to who might be behind its creation. The company has outlined the biggest targets, which appear to be focused in the Middle East.
Kaspersky has noted the company is conducting a deeper investigation and says they will have more information to share in the near future. The company did note creation dates of the files were falsified in order to evade future detection.
After Stuxnet was discovered, cyber security experts emphasized that this raised the proverbial bar on computer viruses and changed the dynamics of computer security. This categorization of malware is particularly concerning because it can attack infrastructure, such as nuclear and water treatment facilities.
Eric Chien, technical director at Symantec's Security Response Unit, had said in Oct. 2010,
"I've been dealing with malicious code threats for 15 to 20 years now, I've seen every large sort of outbreak, and we've never seen anything like this," Chien says. "It's fundamentally changed our job, to be honest."
With Flame, it looks as if perhaps even a higher degree of sophistication may have emerged.
The New York Times points out that if the report's findings are true, this is the third major cyber weapon to be uncovered since 2010.

Salt highest rated in Business Sector in Namibia Minimize

Based on the survey conducted by PMR in Namibia conducted during August, September and October 2011, Salt Essential IT came out tops in the following category: BUSINESS SECTOR: IT CONSULTING COMPANIES IN NAMIBIA. Salt is the highest rated on an overall rating of 4.17 out of a possible 5.00, and will receive the Diamond Arrow Award.


The ratings are based on the perceptions of the respondents (corporates and senior government officials in Namibia). A random national sample of 320 respondents comprising of CEO’s, MD’s, business owners, company directors and managers, senior national and local government officials based in Namibia. Companies and institutions were rated against the following criteria: companies/institutions that have done most to enhance economic growth and development of the country, levels of management expertise, implementation of corporate governance, brand awareness and levels of innovation.


The purpose of the awards is to celebrate excellence. Through the awards PMR want to acknowledge and set a bench mark for others to aspire to. Through the awards PMR.Africa is also creating an opportunity for companies and institutions whereby a team or division can be recognized for all their hard work. After all, there is a successful team behind each successful and highly rated company and institution. Based on the feature PMR.Africa will host an awards’ function in February 2012 in Namibia. The function will be attended by 280 to 320 corporate and government leaders. The award will be handed over at this event. 


Salties are boasting with pride as this award comes just after Salt being invited by the Ministry of ICT to the Geneva convention, which is a significant honour for a Namibian company, as well as being recognised by Microsoft as the Cloud Partner of Choice in the region at this week’s Press Conference held at the Microsoft offices on Wednesday, 9 November 2011,” says Vanessa Maresch, Business Development Manager of Salt Essential IT.

Microsoft celebrates 10 years in Namibia by pledging continued support of IT and innovation in the classroom Minimize

Windhoek, Namibia, November 9, 2011Today Microsoft marked its 10 year anniversary in Namibia.


Over the last 10 years a lot has changed in the world of information technology and the Internet. However, what has remained unchanged is Microsoft’s commitmet to provide  scalable technology to educators, students and schools  across Africa and in Namibia. As an organization, the company believes in the power of technology  to transform the education sector and bridge the digital divide in Africa. It is precisely for this reason that a Memorandum of Understanding has been signed  for the next 13 years with Namibia’s  Ministry of Education to develop access to technology in school.


Speaking during a media breakfast organized at the Microsoft Namibia offices, Warren La Fleur , Senior Business Development Manager said, “In the 10 years that Microsoft has operated in Namibia, much of it has been done through our high skilled and qualified partner network. Together we have assisted, developed and provided information technology for our clients. Helping them make the right software and hardware decisions to grow their business in a sustainable and economically sound manner. This close contact with the customers through our channel partners has meant that we know and understand the needs of the customers, but also of Namibia, from a information technology perspective.”


Jürgen Weiss, Managing Director of Salt Essential IT also present at the media breakfast said; “Being a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and implementing their world renowned IT-solutions has meant that we as a local ICT service provider have been able to maintain a competitive edge in Namibia and really add value to our customers.Through our partnership with Microsoft, we have built our competencies to a level where we can deliver the latest in the world of technology right here in Namibia.”


Information Technology is the backbone of modern society and through the implementation and innovative use of technology, Namibia will be able to gain and maintain an economic competitive edge. It is for this reason that a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) has been signed with the Ministry of Education to create a framework that will help to innovate Namibian education.  This Memorandum will run until 2013, with Microsoft and the Ministry of education working together.


The MOU reinforces the investements already made by Microsoft Namibia through its Partners in Learning (PiL) programme that has seen more than 8000 teachers trained in basic ICT skills and 640 Educators certified as Master Trainers. These Master Trainers will now share their knowledge and train others.


“We strongly believe that for countries to bridge the digital divide in Africa and in Namibia, something tangible needs to be done. Private enterprises like Microsoft, local business partners and Governments can form alliances and really make a difference through Private Public Partnership programmes. We are very pleased to be partnering with  the Ministry and truly believe in the impact that this will have on the Namibian teachers, students and schools in general.’ Says Warren La Fleur, Senior Business Development Manager, Microsoft East and Southern Africa.



Microsoft is using its 10th anniversary to underscore its dedication and pledge its commitment to continue investing in Namibia.

About Microsoft

Founded in 1975, Microsoft (Nasdaq “MSFT”) is the worldwide leader in software, services and solutions that help people and businesses realize their full potential.


Editorial Contact

Sanjay Korteweg

Core Public relations Mangement


Tel:  061 304 172

Cell: 081 147 27 93          


Salt / HP Golf Day a Huge Success Minimize

Salt Essential IT and Hewlett Packard joined forces to host a Golf day on Tuesday, 25 October 2011, in Windhoek, Namibia at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Golf Club. 

From left to right: Christiane Fendler (Salt,) PJ Kotze (IO Consulting,) Gottfried Uaaka (NIP) and Ron Claasen (City of Windhoek.)


From left to right: Gideon Brink (Nedbank,) Laurent Evrard (Polytechnic of Namibia,) Morne du Plessis (Salt) and John Drotsky (Nedbank.)


From left to Right: Aldo Strappazzon (Axiz,) Michael Jaeger (Salt,) Sean Fallis (Desert Logistics) and Kobus Thornburn (Simonis Storm Securities.)


From left to right: Sean Kemp (Salt,) Geraldine Cloete (Salt,) Willie Prinsloo (Vox Orion) and Danie Malan (ITN.)


From left to right: Kai Kronsbein (Salt,) Even Ellitson (NIP) and David Haosemab (NIP.)


From left to right: Dennis Christiaans (NIP,) Louie van Wyk (City of Windhoek,) Dawid Maritz (Pupkewitz) and Marius van Vuuren (Salt.)


The Winning Team with their prizes and the Organiser. From left to right: Gottfried Uaaka (NIP,) and Ron Claasen (City of Windhoek,) Vanessa Maresch (Salt,) Christiane Fendler (Salt) and PJ Kotze (IO Consulting.) 


Golfer of the Day was PJ Kotze. From left to right: Vanessa Maresch (Salt,) PJ Kotze (IO Consulting) and Brendan Tobin (HP.) HP co-funded the event.

First conference of the insurance institute of Namibia Minimize
Windhoek, 26 September 2011 - The Insurance Industry in Namibia held its first one day conference in Windhoek on 26 September. The aim of the conference is to bring the industry together and to address pressing issues under the theme “Shaping our profession for the Future”. According to Ms Riana Gous, Director of The Insurance Institute of Namibia, this type of conference is a necessity in the Namibian context. “There are some very important aspects in our industry that need to be addressed in a forum that is highly collaborative,” she says. “When we developed the programme for this conference, topics that were crucial for us to communicate on included Consumer Protection and Education, the Financial Sector Charter, King III and related regulatory issues and addressing technical skills shortages in the insurance industry in Namibia,” she added. She went on to say, “issues that affect the industry globally are climate change and modern motor vehicle manufacture processes and how it affects the repair of such vehicles. We decided to include these on our programme because they affect Namibia and we need to expose our industry to trends in this area.” The conference was targeted at managing directors, CEOs and senior managers in the insurance industry.

Presenters at the conference included the Hon Calle Schlettwein, Deputy Minister of Finance, Dr John  Steytler, Economic Analyst from Capricorn Investment Holdings, Mr Tega Shiimi ya Shiimi, Chairperson of the Financial Sector Charter Council and Mr Gerrit Jordaan, Senior Manager: Tax and Advisory Services, PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Ms Claire MacFie, editor of Automotive Refinisher Magazine in South Africa, addressed the conference on modern motor manufacturing processes and how these new processes affect vehicle repair. Present during her address were prominent motor car dealers in Windhoek and representatives from the auto body repair industry in Namibia. This is a significant step in motor insurance. “The current trend in vehicle repair in the Namibian context is that high end luxury motor brands sold in this country are manufactured to ever decreasing European emission standards. The implications are vehicles that are much lighter in weight; achieved by using material compounds that require repair processes that are highly sophisticated and cutting edge. In the Namibian context, our automotive body industry needs to constantly invest in their businesses to stay abreast of these processes. In most cases in Namibia at the moment, cars are written off because of limited capacity to repair it to manufacturing standards locally and this affects the insurance industry negatively.” Gous explains. 
Laying specific emphasis on the conference theme, “Shaping our Profession for the Future,” the Insurance Institute works very closely with the Namibia Training Authority and has requested assistance with an Employment, Scarce & Critical Skills Survey in support of annual skills planning and training processes within the short term insurance industry. The survey will also contribute to the development of the Short Term Insurance Sector’s Unit Standards and Skills Plan to be registered on the Namibia Qualifications Framework. 

The survey aims to: 

  • Obtain a detailed profile of the occupations that occur in the sector; 
  • Determine qualifications typically required of people employed in each occupational category; 
  • Identify the scarce and critical skills in the sector; 
  • Identify the gaps at educational service provider level that contributes to the scarcity of skills; 
  • Identify trends and possible future changes such as regulatory compliance in the demand for skills that may impact on the scarcity of skills; 
  • Gain an understanding of Employer’s view of existing qualifications and learning within the sector 
  • Determine the impact of The Insurance Institute of Namibia’s interventions on skills development in the sector; and,
  • Assess the Employer’s view on the most pressing needs in terms of training. 

Once finalised, the results of the survey will be benchmarked against: 
  • the report by Eben De Klerk on Occupational Mapping and Skills Shortages in the Business and Financial Sector; 
  • the survey on Employment, Scarce & Critical Skills in the Insurance Sector, commissioned by INSETA (Insurance Sector Education and Training Authority, SA) 
  • compared with the proposed Financial Services Industry Careers for National Occupations Pathway Framework prepared by the Insurance Institute of South Africa. 
The Namibia Training Authority handed a cheque to the value of N$45,535 to The Insurance Institute of Namibia for the commissioning of the survey.

In fulfilling its mandate to the industry it serves, The Insurance Institute of Namibia holds regular technical training on specific subjects of insurance by experts in the industry and encourages and motivates employees to enrol for the Programme in Insurance through UNISA. Some of the objectives of The Insurance Institute of Namibia are: 
  • “the overall dissemination of professional insurance related knowledge and the inculcation of sound insurance practices in Namibia; 
  • To facilitate and assist in providing a framework of professional standards, ethics and professional conduct of the Members; 
  • to advice on academic standards, facilitate learning interventions, promote and assist the study of appropriate study material or assist in skills development relating to any branch of insurance in Namibia” 

The Insurance Institute currently has 637 members made up of persons employed by registered insurance companies, insurance intermediaries, agents and claims adjusters in Namibia. Membership to The Insurance Institute is open to persons wholly or mainly engaged or employed in work connected with short term insurance initially and may in future expand to include long term insurance. 
Salt at the Telecom ICT Summit 2011 Minimize
The ICT Alliance recently hosted its most successful networking event to date in Windhoek. Minimize

Simpology and Salt Essential IT, both Namibian IT Service Providers and leaders in the Industry, sponsored 
 the ICT Alliance Breakfast Informative Session held on Thursday, 14 July 2011 at Arebusch Conference Centre.


The turnout exceeded all expectations, with 75 members of the ICT Alliance joining the session. Attendees came from all over the ICT private and public sectors with representatives from education, government, industry, telecommunications, press and civil society joining the ICT alliance board for breakfast, discussions and networking. The parliamentary standing committee on ICT also joined the event as the newest members of the ICT Alliance of Namibia and the Honourable Dr. Moses Amwelo addressed the members on the importance of ICT in building the nation. He also conveyed the support of the standing committee for the efforts of the ICT Alliance. Mr van Graan, the chairman of the ICT Alliance in turn thanked the parliamentary standing committee for their efforts in looking after the wellbeing of ICT development at all levels. Special thanks was also conveyed to the Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of ICT for their support of the ICT Alliance initiatives and for investing in ICT to build a better Namibia for all. The New Era newspaper received a special honorary membership to the ICT Alliance for their commitment to advocate the ICT and the use thereof to the nation through a series of ICT articles in 2011.
Four presenters introduced attendees to revolutionary ICT concepts while breakfast was enjoyed. Salt’s Chris Baisako spoke about the real benefits, risks and disadvantages of 

Cloud Services in Namibia, while Simpology’s Rudolph Mocke enlightened the audience on the many real benefits of Microsoft’s Sharepoint within the Cloud. Internet governance and the importance thereof was discussed by Mrs. Ndeshipanda Ndilula who requested attendees to support and contribute to the local and regional IGF efforts. PricewaterhouseCoopers demonstrated their newest HR and salary scale software.
Another successful ICT Alliance networking event concluded with Mr. Lodewyk van Graan thanking the sponsors and all attendees for forming part of the broad spectrum representative body of public and private sector ICT in Namibia, the ICT Alliance.  
Should you be interested in obtaining more information on any of the above mentioned topics or in joining the next networking event, please contact Marlene van Graan at the ICT Alliance –


Local ICT Forum Growing Strong Minimize
//Click is catching on as the Namibian ICT Community get their hands dirty to keep the industry clean.

People, in general, like to complain. We complain about how the Government spends taxes (and usually mention how we would do it better,) we complain about long queues in banks, about insurance excess. The list is endless. Everyone in the world, apart from perhaps the Buddhists, complain. It is part of the human condition.
Complaining is a good thing in the sense that the more we complain,or rather the more we complain effectively, the better the chances of changing the things that bother us. However complaining alone is not enough, should we be serious about the issues at heart. Whining and moaning usually falls onto deaf ears, like the wife moaning about the husband not doing chores. 
Complaints or criticisms should be valid, properly formulated and directed to a legitimate forumwith the power to effect change. If you are one of the people that contributes to various forums and wonders why change never is effected, the answer is simple. ‘I tried to change the world, but I was outnumbered.’ Unknown Source.
//Click thrives to be the Namibian ICT Community’s platform to effect change. The contributorsto //Click consist of influential individuals and organisations, as well as a variety of stakeholders within the Namibian ICT Community. Published both online,, and in printed copy, //Click showcases local expert opinion on current ICT trends, offers tried and tested strategies that has lead to local successes, as well as guidelines on how to approach opportunities in our market. It is a forum forindividuals and organisations invested in the longevity of the Namibian ICT Community, either as a provider or a consumer.It is a place to start building the army of voices needed to effect change.
//Click was launched in October 2010. Four editions of //Click will be published on an annual basis. The hard copy version of //Click is usually a twenty to twenty-four page glossy magazine and includes the best articles submitted to //Click online. Hardcopies of //Click’s are physically distributed to Ministries, the business community, parastatals and the general public in Namibia, as well as on local charter flights. //Click online is available to anyone with internet access.
The IT Community is urged to participate in //Click, because without contributions //Click will not have the wealth of information available to enable the IT Community to attack unfair practises, guide local IT companies or inform the general public of current issues and successes.
Committed contributors include international organisations such as Microsoft and Hewlett Packard, as well as local ICT Companies such as Schoemans, Telecom, Salt, Simpology, DB Space and many more. All individuals and company representatives are welcome to contribute by registering at
//Click is wholly funded by advertising income, so if you contribute an article, please consider advertising as well. //Click is a non profit endeavour and all advertising funds are spent on printing and publishing //Click. Should you be interested in supporting //Click by advertising please send an email to Submission of articles and comments to those articles remains free of charge. 
Let your voice be heard and be a part of improving the Namibian ICT environment.

Vanessa Maresch
Business Development 
SALT Essential Information Technology (PTY) Ltd
Service Rd. 161 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave.
PO Box 22772. Windhoek. Namibia.
Office: +264 61 273 900 (Reception)
Helpdesk: +264 61 273 911 (Helpdesk)
Fax: +264 61 273 909
SAGE X3 Launch Minimize
Salt Essential IT has always boasted with its world class service offerings, as well as their world class partnerships. One of those partnerships are with Afresh Consult, headed up by home-grown Immo Böhm, the Managing Director of Afresh Consult. Afresh has made its name by implementing ERP systems in South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, Zimbabwe and Kenya, and has opened a dedicated division which focuses exclusively solutions. Afresh is investing in training and personnel to take it to market across the region.
Sage Software describes its ERP X3 as a compact and affordable software system for mid-sized companies, which supports all business processes across finance, distribution and manufacturing. Diamond Level is the vendor’s highest partnership distinction and is awarded as recognition of reseller participation in training and other partner programmes offered by the software company.
A new addition to the Afresh family is SAGE X3. At the recent launch of SAGE X3 hosted at the Hilton Hotel in Windhoek on Tuesday, 14 June 2011, Salt was the only IT Service Provider in Namibia invited to present on ERP in the Cloud. Salt’s Chris Baisako explained the concept and its many benefits to a captive audience.  
For more information on SAGE X3 please contact:
Immo Böhm (MBA)
(Managing Director)
Tel:   +264 61 231084
Fax:  +264 61 309084
Cell:  +264 81 1247515
Support Hotline: +27 12 346 5738 
For more information on ERP in the Cloud please contact:
Chris Baisako
Business Development 
SALT Essential Information Technology (PTY) Ltd
Service Rd. 161 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave.
PO Box 22772. Windhoek. Namibia.
Office: +264 61 273 900 (Reception)
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Fax: +264 61 273 909


Khomas Regional Science Fair 2011 Minimize

Khomas Regional Maths, Science and Engineering Fair continues to grow form strength to strength

Namibia, 14 June 2011 – The Khomas Regional Science and Engineering Fair 2011 continues to draw exhilarating attention and most importantly from world leading companies such as SAP, De Beers Marine Namibia, Kolok Namibia & Kolok SA (Part of the Bidvest Group of Companies). Today, the Khomas Regional Science Fair Organising Committee is pleased to announce the official sponsors for the 2011 Fair at a special media briefing event held at the Khomas Regional Council, Kovambo Nujoma Hall, Pullman Rd. at 10h00. Some of the special dignitaries at this event include Ms. Seefeldt, Deputy Director of Education, Khomas Region, Mr. E. Thomas, Deputy Director MOE-DRST, Mrs. A. Philander, MOE-DRST, as well as Mr. S. Scholtz (Chairperson of the Khomas Reg. Science Fair 2011) and Mr. G. Munene (Educational Office of the Khomas Region – responsible for Maths & Science). 

The 2011 Fair is set to take place from 30th June until the 1st July at the Polytechnic Exam Hall, Windhoek followed by the prize giving ceremony to be held at Jan Mohr Secondary School Hall. 

“We are grateful for the support we received from our sponsors. Not only will it improve the relationship between the Min of Education and these esteemed companies, but this will boost the learners’ confidence knowing that their designs are recognised and acknowledged by leading companies such as SAP, De Beers Marine Namibia, Kolok Namibia & Kolok SA. All school learners in the Khomas region are encouraged to take part in this exciting and adventurous event. All that is required is the learners’ passion and interest to discover new possibilities” says Mr. Scholtz – Chairperson of the Khomas Regional Science and Engineering Organising Committee.

The Khomas Regional Science and Engineering Fair is aimed at developing young future scientists with interest, desire and inspiration for knowledge. The criteria are twofold and include judging of learners projects without the learners present and the final judging of projects with learners. These give the learners two phase opportunities to modify their designs and continue to impress the judges with their designs. The Fair will be open for public on the 1st July from 10h00 until 13h00.

This is the 23rd year since the Khomas Regional Science and Engineering Fair was introduced in the region. “We would like to continue supporting our learners so that they can be able to complete beyond national level. It has been exciting to see the growth and support of the fair for the past years - especially coming from the sponsors, judges and coordinators” concludes Mr. Scholtz. 

For the Khomas learners the Fair is set to expose them to a wealth of maths, science and engineering knowledge which will position them better to compete with their peers international and assist them in their career establishment endeavour and choices.  

Other sponsors:

Macmillan Publishers, Denu Distributors, Ricoh Namibia, Seelenbinder Consulting Engineers, Peralin Paints, Salt IT, Homeconomix, Officeconomix, Pennypinchers & Timbercity.


For media contact

Mr. Scholastie Scholtz or Mr. Munene

Department of Basic Education

Tel: +26481 129 1200

Cell: +26481 379 1848


Issued by 

Monique Roets Malan

Project Coordinator 

Tel: +26461 370 500/510

Cell: +26481 128 4448 


Company, Representatives per company/Sponsor & amount sponsored:

1. De Beers Marine Namibia – Otto Shikongo (Man. Dir.), Liezl Davies ( Acting Snr. HR Manager), Christine Visser (Communications Manager) & Stella Auala – (Communication) - N$20,000


2. SAP Africa – Nteseng Maboe (Communication & PR Manager) & Mr. Riaan Malan (Country Manager – Namibia/Botswana/Lesotho/Swaziland) - N$20,000


3. Kolok Namibia & Kolok SA – Valne van Zyl (Acting Gen Manager Kolok Namibia) & Monique Roets-Malan (Man. Director Kolok Namibia) - N$20,000


4. Macmillan Publishers – Dennis Oorlam (Publishing Manager) - N$4,000


5. Denu Distributors – Jens Unterlerchner (Owner & Man. Dir.) - N$2,000


6. Ricoh Namibia – Alta Wylie (Financial Manager) - N$2,000


7. Seelenbinder Consulting Engineers – Riaan Steyn (Member – Mechanical Section) & Marlene Pretorius (Office Administrator) - N$1,500


8. Officeconomix & Homeconomix – Paul & Hazel Oosthuizen (Owners) - N$ 1,000


9. Pennypinchers & Timbercity – Karen Eloff (Marketing Man. & Co-owner) - N$1,000


10. Peralin Paints – Angelika San (Man. Dir.) - N$1,000


11. Salt IT – Vanessa Maresch (Business Development Manager) - N$1,000


In Total from all sponsors: N$73,500.00.



Salt Enables Local Skills Development Minimize
Aili Shigwedha, a student at the Polytechnic of Namibia, 

expressed her sincere appreciation for the N$ 1,000.00 prize monies donated to her by Salt Essential IT at the recent annual Polytechnic Awards Ceremony held in Windhoek. Aili received the prize as the best B.Hons student: Computer Networking. Salt has been supporting the Systems Administration and Network Department, School of IT at the Polytechnic for some years now and will continue to support local skills development in Namibia, which is still a big problem in the Namibian IT Community. Skills shortage most direct effect is that skills have to be imported from neighbouring countries, at great cost to Namibian businesses, and to the detriment of eager, yet disadvantaged Namibian students.
“We hope that we will encourage Namibian students by recognising excellence, and in so doing Namibia will retain local skills and expertise, which will in turn contribute to our economy and enrich our local IT skills base,” says Christiane Fendler, Infrastructure Services Manager at Salt Essential IT.
‘Hereby I would like to extend my gratitude to your company for the gift that you presented to me during the Polytechnic 16th Award Ceremony on the 14 April 2011. I appreciate your contribution and trust that you will continue in the same spirit for others that will follow in the same path. My sincere gratitude, once again,’ was Shigweda’s message to Salt Essential IT.
Salt Enables Online Counselling Training Minimize
Salt Essential IT, a local IT Service Provider, last week provided free access to the internet and to their training facilities to LifeLine/ChildLine for an online counselling course. 
April 11, 2011 (Windhoek, Namibia) 
The technological revolution is a global phenomenon that has found its feet here in Namibia. More and more children communicate through email and online chat rooms and other internet services. Modern cell phones allow young people to access these online services with their cell phones or from a home PC or internet cafe. Online counselling has become indispensable for an all inclusive counselling provider such as LifeLine / ChildLine Namibia. Developing a website that can offer this service to children and young people has been a work in progress for LifeLine/ChildLine during the past year.  In addition to the online counselling services, the website will also link children and young people to information and other services they can use to keep themselves healthy and safe.  The flagship service is a dedicated Child HelpLine (number 116) which is free from all networks and enables children and the community to report and prevent child abuse. The website and online counselling will also link users to other discussion platforms, such as Uitani ChildLine Radio programmes and the Let’s Realise movement.  
The objective of the online counselling course offered to LifeLine/ChildLine counsellors last week at the Salt training venue in Windhoek, was to increase capacity of the counsellors to be able to use this technology, thereby increasing emotional resilience in children and helping to protect them from abuse and neglect. 
‘By providing Lifeline/ChildLine Namibia free internet access and the use of their fully equipped training facilities for the duration of the four day course, Salt is making a contribution to improving child protection in Namibia as well empowering Namibian youths to develop life skills and make well informed decisions about their own well being,’ said Nadia Belete, National Counselling Manager for LifeLine/ChildLine Namibia.
LifeLine / ChildLine Namibia believes that giving children an option to use this type of counselling service, will provide better and wider access to protection services for children in need. The 116 number and other services like online counselling fall under the Child Protection Programme that LL/CL is implementing together with partners PEACE Centre and the Legal Assistance Centre. The programme is being funded by USAID through Pact and UNICEF Namibia, with technical assistance from ChildHelpLine International. The project aims to show how civil society can support government to create a safety net for children and to ensure that child protection services and referrals are better coordinated. This project will allow improved accessibility, availability and affordability of services to children, via telecommunication and online services. It is also hoped that society at large will be more aware of the need for child protection.
“Salt is more than happy to support this worthy cause, as our core business involves the internet and the responsible use thereof. We promote and guarantee safe and secure internet access to businesses getting this service from us, and the next logical step would be to encourage this type of use from an early age by means of education,’ says Business Development Manager of Salt, Vanessa Maresch.
Connie Botma
Chief, Special Protection for Vulnerable Children
UNICEF Namibia
Tel. +264 - 61 - 2046252
Fax. +264 - 61 - 2046206
Cell +264 81 1284008
Nadia Belete
National Counselling Manager
Lifeline/Childline Namibia
P O Box 5477, Windhoek, Namibia
Office: +264 61- 224 339
Head Office: +264 61- 226 889
Cell phone: +264 81 477 8510
Vanessa Maresch
Business Development 
SALT Essential Information Technology (PTY) Ltd
Service Rd. 161 Mandume Ndemufayo Ave.
PO Box 22772. Windhoek. Namibia.
Office: +264 61 273 900 (Reception)
Helpdesk: +264 61 273 911 (Helpdesk)
Fax: +264 61 273 909
VoIP Day 2008

VoIP Day 2008 premiered this year on Thursday, 6 November 2008, at the Windhoek Country Club Resort and Casino.

What was certain and demonstrated at VOIP Day, is the enormous cost savings Namibian companies can benefit from, ranging from 30% to 50% by switching from a traditional PABX system to a VOIP infrastructure.
At the event it became apparent that most people in Namibia do not understand the technology due to the fact that it is not being utilised at present. VoIP day was the perfect platform to explain exactly what VoIP is and how it works. VoIP is the facilities that deliver Voice information using the IP (Internet Protocol,) i.e. over the data network, not necessarily over the internet. VoIP simplifies PABX management as it is easier to install & use. No phone wiring is needed and by using VoIP you do not get locked into one vendor who can charge exorbitant service and hardware fees. VoIP also increases productivity of the workforce in a variety of ways and branches communicate with each other by using their existing data network, not telephone lines.
The software featured at the day was 3CX, which is low cost and feature rich, easy to install and easy to configure and use, even for non IT people. 3CX also supports virtual installations.
VoIP Day also featured some very cool gadgets, like soft phones, conference phones, headsets and much more.
The event was such a success that it will be repeated on an annual basis.